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I just want to sit by my wife's bed
with her reclining in peaceful rest
using words like needle and thread
and sew for her a most blissful nest.

I will be where I'm meant to be
and even more so where I desire
which to my heart no higher glee
for I'm with the one I most admire.

Only with my precious beloved am I whole
and the only reason to turn back the clock
she having the sole key to my heart's lock
she being the only one to touch my soul.

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I have been following your wonderful outpouring of poetry. It is a gift that you are giving to yourself and to your beloved. I'm sure that many of us here are with you in spirit as you travel these paths.

I wish I could say I did not understand what you are going through. In looking back, (eight years ago), I remember the simple things like sitting on the hospital bed (for which I was often chastised), playing with stuffed animals that my spouse and I used as surrogates to express our feelings. It was childish at times but allowed us to say things we couldn't say as adults. In time those became the positive memories that somehow overshadowed and helped eclipse the stressful and painful ones.

So I hope you are able to enjoy some lightness as you travel these roads and I hope that those memories will be the ones that your heart will always cherish.

Best wishes to you.
Dear Toomanycares,
Thank you for your heartfelt post. One of the things I have learned is that this journey has many footprints in the sand on this well worn tearful road as your post so poignantly pointed out in such an unique way. Your post also came at a time when I was feeling very discouraged about going on writing poems and posting. Felt like I was saying the same things over and over again. Thank you for sharing and your encouragement. Can't express how much it is appreciated.


You must not stop posting and sharing your poems. To you, it may feel as though no one is reading them because many of your posts receive no reply. Please know that although you may not often get a response to your words, they are being read.

Your words are a tribute to your wife and all that she (and you) are going through right now. Not fair, I know. In fact, sometimes life just plain sucks.

You keep writing and we'll keep reading. The poems are beautiful and loving and it is easy to tell that the kind of love you and your wife share is one that will transcend time.

Thank you so very much for giving all of us here the chance to read your words and be touched by them.

Dear Mick,
Indeed, your poems to your beloved are a gift to all those who read them. I hope you continue to write them. Even though our circumstances are different, my heart aches for you and for what you and your wife are going through. Please know that both of you are in my thoughts and prayers and I'm sure many others that come here to read and post.

Please don't stop writing your poems. They get read by more than you know. For I find such meaning in them I post them to some of my friends. One loves them so much she asks me daily if you have written another. Please keep posting even if they make us cry, it is helpful for you and touch more than you know.

Thank you all so much for your wonderfully kind, encouraging and supportive comments. I am sort of a loss for words here. I very much appreciate your prayers concerning my wife, Gloria. I read all the posts here and sometimes it is just overwhelming. You are all truly warriors and saints in your daily battles. I wish you and loved ones all the best and my prayers are with you all as well. You are all so very precious. A heartfelt thanks for your caring and concern and above all for your prayers.

I havent posted before. I just wanted to
ask you to continue writing. Your poetry is
so moving. Your pain at times is so hard to
read as it touches all of us even when there is no physical connection . I pray God continues to be with you and your wife, as he was the first to show us unconditional love.
I hope you will put these in a book at some
time . Know there are many who would connect
with them.
With Prayers

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