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Hi Jackwood,
Something about your post made me want to respond which is the first time I am responding to someone else's frustrations at life. I know we all have them here. I do agree with Donna that you do sound very down and sad. I too am wondering what is going on? It is good you are reaching out to others. Seems like something is lacking in your relationship or something that was once there is gone now?? Is it lack of communication? of intimacy? Is your wife sick? Do something recently traumatic happen in the family? You say you can't talk and yet you also say you need to talk to someone? You sound confused and alone. Have you thought about going to therapy with your wife, to marriage counseling, or perhaps to clergy of somekind whatever is your beliefs or religion? Well, this place is a great start Jackwood, you will certainly find compassion and understanding here, and lots of sage advice and referrals in needed and desired. Sounds like you have a great deal of love for your wife and want things to be as they used to be. You should read the posts here, especially of those who have lost love ones, especially those who have lost spouses or are caregivers. You will find a lot of ears here to listen and hearts with a lot of wisdom that will respond, and also you will find a lot to be grateful for too reading the posts here. The most important thing is to look in the right place for solution, and you struck gold by finding this wonderful place, but still it is wise to seek professional help too which I have been doing for my problems. Praying certainly helps and here you will find a lot who will also pray for you and your wife. God bless

Dear Jackwood:

Welcome to the boards. Is it possible that your wife is depressed? Or she could even be fatiqued. Have you gone to a doctor or therapy? I am not sure what "picks" means.

One of the most healing things that we have learned in our relationships is the power of love. Perhaps if you keep reaffirming you love for her, she may become more emotional and loving back. It is not always easy but can make the biggest difference between two people.

Meanwhile, just know that we are here for you. We wish you the best. You are in my thoughts and prayers...

Love and Hugs from Glenda
If Jack is referring to Pick's disease, it is a form of dementia that affects initially a part of the brain that affects personality. I presume that is why she is now showing no emotion.

Jackwood, there are many at this board that are dealing with loved ones with dementia. Please feel free to express yourself; no one will judge you.

Blessings to you both,

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