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Hi to all.

Well, about 8 years past when I should have done it, I've scheduled a multiple tooth extraction ... long story that I won't get into now, except that my dentist told me that I'd lose more teeth if I didn't do it soon - and honestly, they've been bothering me more and more the past several months.

So here's the deal. The procedure will last about an hour, and I'll be pretty groggy afterward. My DH can still drive, but doesn't and gets terrible pains in his chest and back sitting in waiting room chairs. (side rant: why do doctor's offices all have chairs that are so un-ergonomic?) I was going to call my neighbor to see if someone in his family would be available.

Well, the Lord looks after us. My younger brother (one of my fave folks in the world) called to say he was driving up from S Fla for Mother's Day and wanted to stay with us. Yes! I asked if he could stay a few extra days and be my ride. He said it was about time that there was something he could do for me! Whew! What a relief! He's reliable and a genuine joy to be around. I've been feeling a little isolated lately, so I'm really looking forward to this visit.

I know a lot of you don't get support from your sibs, so I know I'm very blessed. Who do you turn to when you need someone to be there for you?

Hugs to all,
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Hi Barb:

I don't know how I missed this (or did the word 'dentist' cause me to block my memory cells - lol)... I am so glad to hear your younger brother is helping you out Barb! What a stressful time for you to go through with the dentist and it is nice to have the care-giving worry off your mind in the midst of it all.

I have turned to my oldest sister for support and she regularly lets me down. The last time the "family stepped in to help", they cost us $8,000 - I am still upset about that (obviously) three years later... I guess I have not been blessed with siblings (lol). So, I turn to one of my friends and normally can count on some help there...

I have, on the other hand, been blessed with my father. He was a wonderful father and a good provider. He has always been super easy to get along with. I appreciate having him in my life no matter how challenging it is at times...

Hugs from Glenda
I may be faced with this very same situation. I have to have some breast biopsies on an outpatient basis, but they want someone to be there with you to drive you home, even though I will be having novacaine type stuff not general anesthesia.

So I asked about whether there was some sort of medical transportation available, and at least in our community, there is. Perhaps that is an option for you.
Thanks, Glenda and SEAandSKY for your replies.

Glenda, your "dental mental block" sounds plausible. I'll get good care, but it's still scary to contemplate for very long. LOL!

SEAandSKY, I saw where you mentioned in another post about needing biopsies. I hope and pray that it goes smoothly, and that you get negative results... in the good, medical way, of course. Can you tell us when that will be so we can send our positive energies your way?

If it had come down to it, I would have found a friend, neighbor, business associate or church volunteer to help. But I like this solution better.

BTW, when I went by the NH and told Mom that DB was coming and staying to help out, SHE offered to drive me home. Don't you love it? I had to remind her she doesn't drive anymore, and that we let her license expire. Then I changed the subject to looking forward to his visit.

Thanks again.
Hugs to all.

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