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Hi.... for anyone who has not met me my husband passed away two years ago. I hold him close in my heart and just recently I started wondering what the etiquette was about our rings. I wear mine with love and want them always close.
I did a search and one suggestion was to alter the placement on the finger (it looks and feels strange). Another wore her rings on a chain.

I don't want this to seem trivial it is just one more step to be made.... I'm open to all thoughts.

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I don't really think there is any proper protocol for that sort of thing, Alison. I believe it should be up to the person, in this case that is YOU. What do YOU want to do with the ring? What makes YOU feel comfortable. At this time, it is about you and your feelings. There is no time frame for wearing your ring and I wouldn't give a second thought as to what others think. It isn't anyone's business what you do. Do what's in your heart.
Hello Alison... lots of love coming your way... I wonder what you would suggest to some one else who asked the same question...

Irish has said it well... there is no right way nor wrong way.. only what is in your heart....

Was so wonderful catching up with you... I enjoyed it immensely... you are doing incredibly well... I am glad to hear that you are doing well physically.... blessings and love


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