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Many changes took place from within. My faith in God has always been strong, but this has brought me closer to God. It is not us who are in control but him. I have learned to ask him for support, for he knows what our needs are before we do. I also saw God working in my Mother's life. She had a sence of peace about her. That peace is something you donot just get. It is a gift from God.
The biggest change that i've gone through since becoming a care giver is that Iwould never have believed it if someone had told me I'd be doing what I'm doing. I've learned that I'm a lot stronger than I've ever given myself credit for. I've also come to see that yes I'm a good person and I do have a kind loving heart. this is someting is hard for me to say about myself because I never have had a good opinion of my self. I do see that I was wrong about myself, I am a nice person.
My greatest change was to learn to let go and let God.
When my husband first fell ill, I could see that we were getting nowhere with the doctors we went to and we went to a lot of doctors. Always with the same results...."you have cancer" and THEN they would set about trying to find it....never wasn't there! I fought with every doctor we saw to try to get them what the problem really no avail...the harder I fought, the more determined they seemed to prove, with all their education, that they knew more than me.

My husband was within hours of death and my prayer became Thy Will not mine. The Good Lord saw fit to send us a doctor who "knew" what the problem was.

So what did I learn and how did I change? Strength is good, yes, but along with that ...know where your strength lies...Let go and Let God!!!

May God bless and keep you all....Pat

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Pat, Somehow I missed your post! How right you are -- just let go and let God. He will take the burden if we just give it to Him. The thing that I have to learn is this: once I've given Him the burden, don't take it back again. But He has said, "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light; and ye shall find rest unto your soul."

Thanks for your message.



P.S. I don't want to appear stupid, but just want does "lol" mean????

hi Ruth my friend. lol means laughing out loud. Don't feel bad I had to ask too I have a whole list of the abreviations used by thepro's i'm not one of them cause lol is the only one i use. so they say you learn somethingnew every day so now you know lol. bless you my dear friend

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