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Spirituality is our innermost self. It is our communion with our higher power (whatever he of she is called) and it is the knowledge that we are never alone. When we embrace our spirituality, we are the instruments of divine will and are never given more than we can handle. The caregiving experience is a prime example because what appears to be a hardship is really a blessing. We are given the opportunity to share the best of ourselves with the people we love. That has given me a sense of peace and pride that I never dreamed I would achieve.
spirituality for me is that knowledge that I've been born afresh and aknew. I'm a new creation i'm a brand new man ( woman ) old things have passed away i've ben born again. Born of the spirit of God. He dwells in my heart and i'm His representive. I don't need to go to church to met with Him. At the point of my ccconverision He came into my heart and live there.
I have a friend who says he does't recognize that old man stareing back at him when he shaves in the morning.....that's the Spirit..timeless and ageless!

That's the Spitit that utalizes these eyes to look through at the world. Feeling low in Spitit? Look to your Lord for a refills! That's the living water from the well that we are offered daily.

This Spirit is in everything and everyone. I live at Lake Tahoe. For anyone that doesn't know, This isa pristine body of fresh water lacated in the Sierra Mountains.
A good example of Spirit is to go to that lake(very large lake..1700 ft deep..enough to cover the State of Ca. in three feet of water)...Anyway go to that lake and fill a thimble, a cup, a pail, a bucket. Now look in the thimble..that's Lake Tahoe, Look in the cup...that's Lake Tahoe, Look in the cup that's Lake Tahoe, Look in the bucket...that's Lake Tahoe, Then look at the lake....That's Lake Tahoe! No matter what size the container it's all Lake Tahoe and so it is with all things...Filled with The Spirit!!!!

Love and blessing...Pat

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