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Before I was a caregiver I must ashamedly admit happiness sometimes meant material things. Since caring for my mother my outlook on happiness has changed drastically.
Money means nothing to me anymore...except you need it to pay
Now just being with someone I care about brings me happiness, just to see or make someone smile brings me happiness.
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For me happiness has usually come through a sense of accomplishment. I enjoyed planning and organizing a job and was happy when it was completed. I worked in accounting. Ha Ha
Now think about this one: Housework can never be completed. That sure puts a damper on retirement when you can't afford to hire some help. LOL
what does happines mean to me, well it's really quite inexpensive. For me happiness is being with friends and family. being able to do something for some one like a person who cannot return the favor.
I will never forget something a former pastor said in one of his sermons, when you invite someone for dinner don't ask the person who can invite you back but invite a person or persons who you know can't return the the favor.
doing something implusivesly for some one and see the smile on their face when they recieve your jesterof love. for example i have a dear friend an eldery lady and i create cards letters and pass them to her in church and to see the smile on her face is worth it all. When i happen to see her in the mall and at first she don't see me she looks so sad she is not well at all and is a widow and has lost 3 of her children and when she looks up and sees me the smile on her face just warms my heart.
this lady is a very devoted christain and sheloves me as i do her but just a simple phone callto her makes her so happy and brightens her day, so to be able to bring some sunshine in someones life make me feel useful and happy.
My computer's name is happy and i'm Glory B and a ministry God has laid on my heart is to do just that bring rays of sunshine into someones heart with a letter or a card. it's not costly free really but the joy it brings to the person recieving brings much happiness to my heart.
you cannot buy happiness. the relation ship i have with my daughter makes me very happy. we are very close and last but not least my hubby of 27 years, although there are times he drives me around the bend to be able to keep him home and gare for him gives me great happiness and a feeling of good cheer. ( most days) lol Iknow you will catch my drift here. but isn't that what's life all about.
anyway just a few thought s on the topic and God bless you all
Happiness comes from within.
Happiness is then a well that never runs dry.
In order for it to grow; it must be shared.
happiness is but another side of love manifesting itsself in your spirit and growing as it is shared.
The rewards are the smiles you are able to bring to another's face and the joy you are able to bring to their hearts.

That kind of love..just grows and grows.......

bless yoou all...Pat
What is happiness? To me, that is the result of doing the will of my heavenly Father. Right now, that consists of caring for my mother. Am I always smiling? No, I must say there are too many times when the usual meaning of "happiness" is not there, but I think that God replaces "happiness" with "joy" which can be present even when I can't be happy. Do you know what I mean?

Joy, to me is doing what I know must be done, and knowing that it is what God wants. Joy doesn't vanish with a dark cloud. I may cover it with anger or self-pity, but it remains. And I don't mean to sound like a Polyanna, either, because that I am not.

Why does it take so long to say a few things? Anyway, to me joy is basic, and happiness is an outshowing of that joy.

God bless us everyone.



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