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Moms in my neck of the woods spoil their sons no matter HOW OLD they are even if they have long gone away from home.
Spoiling can be making coffee or letting the son change the TV channel or giving him money to mow the lawn. Spoiling can be letting him watch football instead running an errand.
You know the drill.
Do you think boys stay in a time warp? Mom's elderly now and needs to be "spoiled."
What do you think? What do you SAY? HOW do you say it?
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Hi Carol

interesting concept...especially with a parent now needing the spoiling when they are soooo resistant. It really seems as if our parents who were part of the depression are just not willing to accept and spend on things which will aid in their comfort level as well as the quality of their life.

You mentioned your mom not wanting to spend for the air conditioner a while back..this is a perfect example...they would sooner by us one for our own home rather than themselves... It took my parents five years of convincing to get them to buy an air condtioner for themselves before my dad passed and another five years to get my mother to buy one for her office/den area...this year she finally gave into my wishes..and now she is ecstatic... what are the emotions that our parents hold that won't permit them to spend on themselves... is it a collective consciousness that really goes back to the ideas of the depression days? Or is it about self worth and deserving as well...

I am sure many can relate to all of this...another thought that comes to mind is when dad was so sick and dying he wouldn't take a cab to the doctor...would rather spend an extra hour getting there on the bus...bI myself was working full time and was livid...offering to pay for the cab myself, he still said no...yet when I prevailed on him because I didn't have the time to give up to travel 2hrs on the bus, he gave into the cab ride...

How do you say it to them? I think you must speak your truth and come from your heart...enough times at that, lol so that they finally understand what you are saying...

blessings to you...

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