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My biggest problem is when the government tells you how bad some nursing homes are and the cost but when you care for the elderly person at home they do not help in any way. Medicare is really no help either. There are so many rules to follow and things that are really needed that they could help with and don't. I really don't like goverment looking in on us but when there are problems they should be able to provide assistance.
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Hi All,
As a caregiver I find my biggest problem is the feeling of "isolation". I do work part time, approx. 4 to 5 1/2 hours a day, depending on how they make up the schedule for the week. This gives me time away but not time for myself.

No one in mother-in-law's family realizes the hardship involved in being a caregiver. One son and daughter lives in Florida and the other Daughter lives 5 minutes away from me...but refuses to help out due to some age old problems from when she was a teenager. She is now 64 and has not learned to forgive and let go of the past.

I take time for myself by coming on my computer and even then she wanders in the room to talk. Oh Well

Love & Peace
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I am sure the major problems will change as time goes by but at this point in time my major problems are:
1. There are so many small but important details to remember, i.e. settings on oxygen, when and how of medicines, everything to do with all the Doctors, labs, etc., foods, where his crutches should be, what all to do to prepare for bath, and on and on plus all things hubby was responsible to remember in our life togther are now mine to remember. I might add that I am 63 years old and my memory is not as good as it was when I was younger. I have really learned the value of scratch paper.
2. The amount of energy it takes. You would think I could do this and my housework, cooking, etc. for only two people. For 35 years I did all this plus raised a daughter. But I just no longer have the energy that I had when I was younger. I am learning creative ways around the housework. Ha! Ha!
Ask me again 3 months from now. The answers will more than likely change.
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I don't like the government looking over me either, but there are so many dishonest people in this world that just take the money and do nothing for the person it should go to, that I think they more or less have to make sure we are actually taking care of our mothers or whoever you are taking care of. It's for their protection.

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LOL...scratch paper? I love Post It Notes!
Couldn't live without them. I am also in my 60's and my energy level isn't what it use to be.:P I thought, at this age, I was suppose to be taking it easy...retired, traveling, etc. Ha! I was fooled. But hang in there, we'll all make it together.


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