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Greetings again. It has been awhile, but I'm back to say hello, and to let you know that, even though we've had a hard winter, God has blessed us. In November, Lee underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor which was found to be malignant. He then underwent two sessions of chemo which were so strong that he began to bleed out and almost died. We got him to the hospital in time and they found that he had a bleeding ulcer as well. This demanded emergency surgery. Following this, he spent about six weeks recovering, and then underwent four weeks of radiation therapy. When this was over, he was placed on the chemo pill. The cancer he has is called myeloma, and is not cureable; however, with chemo treatment puts it under control. Of course there is more to the story, but this will let you know why we have not been on the board for awhile. We've been a bit busy.

But - - - God has blessed us in such wonderful ways. We thought we were close to each other before, but we are much closer. Life is so much more meaningful. And a day with my dear husband and my precious Lord is of more value than I can ever say.

Oh, yes, my dear little mother just passed her 99th birthday, and is losing ground, albeit very very slowly. I am also thanking God for a wonderful helper who has been able to care for her while I have given my time to Lee.

We have surely been drawn close to the Lord, and to those of you who know Him too, we just say -- "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice."


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Hi Ruth...

Has been a while..but I do understand after reading your post why...
Thank God your husband has pulled does sound like you are really appreciating each and every day..sometimes it takes an illness to make us realize just how precious life it..and to make the most of it...
Great age your mom is... ...hope she does good for a long time to come yet..
Please keep us posted how you all are good to have you back at the boards...
Take care

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