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Well in just about two weeks I will be in my new home with my two little shelties, away from Mom. She is going to move back to IL with one of my sisters, into an apartment, funny that she can go back there and live alone in an apartment but every time I wanted to go away for a few days I have to pay someone to stay with her because she couldn't be alone. All three of the sisters have told her that they will help out with her bills after she moves, why couldn't they have helped her before, were they afraid that I would (god forbid) spend a dime of their money. The one bright light ahead is the fact that I will not have to deal with any of the sisters again, ever. Yes I will be cutting ties with them as they have treated me more like the hired help (without pay) then their sister the last ten years. I just hope that none of them ever ask me for help with Mom, they will get the same response from me as I did from them. I know it is not healthy to have all these feelings inside but after the 1st of March I won't have to deal with all the problems again.
It is quite amazing that since I informed Mom that I was moving and she would have to take care of herself, she has not had even one of her so called attacks, she has been busy during the day packing and going through her stuff, she is sleeping better etc. Guess she has decided that she can't get to me anymore with all her so called illnesses. Anyway I am looking forward to being on my own again, first time in about 8 years. Thanks for listening
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Hello Judy,

I must congratulate you on doing what you needed to do for yourself. Setting boundaries are so vitally important for caregivers. We love and in our love we sometimes enable our loved one so that they become dependent on us. This was your path of choosing and fortunately it is falling into place in a positive way.

I do hope you will continue to work on yourself so that your free yourself of the hurt emotions you may still be holding on to. You deserve to release all the pain.

Richest blessings to you.

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