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Hello to earthly angels and those above.

My mother-in-law went to heaven on Friday evening. She was a busy care-giver to her husband and anyone else in her circle who ever needed her. She put off taking care of herself and it has now cost us all dearly.

My DH had chest pains all Friday nite after we heard the news, but is doing better now. We drove back to his hometown for the wake and funeral. He and his sister have been estranged for 15 years. It took both their brothers to get her to let all four of them stand together at the casket, crying together, sharing memories, honoring their mom.

I'm so sad for our loss, but also happy for her because I know she is finally reunited with her own mother who died when she was a small child. And all the other loved ones who've passed in between. It's the holidays. They must have needed someone in heaven who loves to cook Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

I'll write her a tribute and post it later.

Love and holiday hugs to all,
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Plink, Mimi and Gail.

Thanks for your kind words. It's amazing how much more responsive and supportive my "on-line" friends are than all but one "real" friend. Thanks for that.

Gail, I'm afraid DH's healing with his sister is not complete, but has at least improved. One brother also had not spoken to us in that 15 years. He greeted us with a big hug and sincere apologies.

Our neighbor lost his wife of 40 years while we were gone to the funeral. He came over yesterday for coffee and just to get out of the house. He and DH talk about horses and exploits from their youth.

MIL had an aneurysm in her stomach that ruptured. She knew she had it, but put off doing anything about it. So DH is scheduled for an ultrasound on Friday as a precaution.

Also, DH's cousin has ALS. There was a charity walkathon a few months back. MIL couldn't do the walk, so she called around and got donations. We sent a check for $50. Today we got the acknowledgement from the ALS organization. Thanks to MIL, we've reconnected with this cousin and email back and forth now. She touched a lot of folks in many ways we'll probably never know about.

Tomorrow will be hard, not to talk to her on Christmas and tell her whether my attempt at her cornbread dressing recipe turned out okay this time (inside family joke... my first try was a total disaster). On a lighter note, I'll go visit my mom at the nh and carry gifts that have come in from my sibs.

Okay. I've rattled on enough. Thanks as always for this community of angels.

Peace on Earth,

The mini healings are important... I am sorry to learn of your neighbors loss as well... sometimes, these losses come in multiples.

Talk out loud to your MIL about your cornbread all day long... she is around you and will hear you... slow down enough to hear and feel her presence...

enjoy the day with your mom... and dh.... richest blessings in all you are doing... and by the way, you are right... the online community of caregivers is truly supportive,... more than most other caregiving sites....

please keep us posted...


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