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I am contacting you in hopes of getting some aide in finding patients that would be qualify for a trial for Parkison's disease related Psychosis (PDP).  PDP is a condition that affects 40% of Parkinson's patients and is caused by changing chemical levels of the brain.  Those that suffer from PDP as a result of Parkinson's will begin to experience hallucinations (seeing, hearing and/or feeling something that is not actually present) and delusions (believing in something that is not true, often including paranoid thoughts).
Caregivers are a very important part of this study.  Their input will be needed in assessing the health and behavioral changes of the patient.  Caregivers will also be asked to report on any changes they personally experienced while caring for their patients.  Therefore, it is important that caregivers are able to accompany the patients to all study visits.
Caregivers place such a huge role in the lives of these patients, and this study has been proven effective in both phases I and II.  We are hoping to find participants with Caregivers that are hands on, and hope to provide a glimmer of hope to them with this new medication for PDP.
I would appreciate any help that your organization could provide me in finding these patients, as well as their Caregivers, so that we may move forward in doing our part to help those that suffer with PDP.
Please let me know if you have a way of me contacting anyone in the Orange County area of California so that I may provide information.
I appreciate your time,
-Sarah Erdogan
Neurology Center of North Orange County
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