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Now I believe in destiny
since she walked into my life
and what was discordant became harmony
as I left behind all previous strife.

One day just asked her out for lunch
and that was the beginning of the spark
but I guess we just both had a hunch
and side by side we walked out of the dark.

We never inquired about each other's past
and that struck me as something very unique
it made me hope it would for awhile last
at least until we both made it to the peak.

I went home with her each and every day
saying farewell with a handshake at her gate
one time her mother from church came our way
and invited me upstairs and it felt like fate.

She knew of me but we had never met
except every evening on the phone I would call
and to my love to take home I gave a chess set
that on a table was placed below a bookcase wall.

Then we were inseparable from the start
from the dawn until the stars came out
I looked on her like a precious work of art
and in my heart I never had a doubt.

Then one twilight while walking up her stairs
I asked her softly if she would wear a ring
and her reply was the answer to my prayers
and my heart with hers did dance and sing.

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