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Yes, it's autumn once again..I have never liked this season and without fail it always brings back memories of all that has happened at this time of just sort of hits with this overwhelming force...
Autumn is when my dad had his first stroke, it is when my mother first was hospitalized, it is when she passed away 3 years later and now the end of this month is the first anniversary of my father in laws death...
Some people find the changing of the leaves pretty, and look forward to the cooler weather..I have always found the drying up of living things, i.e. plants...depressing..and I'm definetely not a cold weather
My thoughts past couple of weeks have been all consumed by remembering days spent in the hospital with my mother..I see I still miss her terribly..I see a few days filled with tears in my future..and some "together" times with my husband, have to make sure he gets through this 1st anniversary of his dads passing too...

My plans for a relaxing, fun summer didn't really materialize..we were one of the homes who had flooding in my city..the beginning of summer started out with record rainfall for us and wow, did our basement suffer..we basically had to gut the whole thing out, that was after we cleaned up the mountains of water that was accumulating down we are waiting to hear from a disaster fund our gov't had set up for the people who found themselves in this predicament..hopefully we will be allowed enough to redo it over winter...

Anyways I hope you all are doing okay?
Just wanted to catch up with everyone and sort of post my feelings to get them "out"

take care everyone...
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I sense what you are feeling.. this time of year is difficult for me as the holidays approach us.. my dad/s birthday.. mom's telling me on my birthday in Oct that her body was closing down and she had less than 39 days left from the time we saw my father at the cemetery... she was right.. and of course nov.. I just finished having her name incribed on the double stone next to my father's...and planting the ewes..

I am also terribly sorry to hear about the flodding... you never said anything.. that must have been so difficult...

I smile when I read that you hate the cold as you are settled into one of the coldest areas on the continent...ever think of moving?????

My heart is with you angel... be gentle and nurturing.. hug the puppies... keep the faith... there has been much loss in your life as well.. feel their energies surrounding you during this time... I know you will...

richest blessings
Hi Gail...: )

Thanks..I really needed that...and it is so good to hear from you too..: )
Sounds like we're going through the same seasonal memory things..funny how just a weather change or a chilly morning can flood a person with memories..
Today I picked some of the last blooms off flowers in my yard and took them to the cemetary..that made me feel a bit better..

Oh I would love a warmer is where i was born and just have never thought of relocating..least we get 2, sometimes 3 or 4 months, if we're lucky, of very hot beautiful weather.
This summer we had record rainfall at the overflowed our river which I had never seen happen it also caused basement flooding damage to many homes in this city, ours being one of them. What a mess..I'm just hoping we get some sort of funding before winter so we can do the work while it's cold out.

My those critters do manage to bring a smile to my face every day..don't get me wrong, I am happy..I'm just not the type to stay in a depressed mood..must have gotten that trait from my mom...: )...I thank her for that..

I hope you haven't been working too hard also need time for yourself, especially at this time of year..although I do know how keeping busy does take your mind off has your summer gone?

it's good to be back around here..
I have missed you all..: )
take care
Hi P.G.

the only difference for me is that the fall is one of my favorite times of the year.. I prefer the coolness, the fresh air.. I seem to function much better in cool oxygenated weather. It is definitely from my body type.. clear on into winter... the heat of the humidty makes me lathargic and exhausted...

I can only begin to imagine and understand how the cold effects you....

take care angel..
I know how you feel. Summmer is that for me. My Mom died July 23rd 1994 and now Dad, just a little over a month ago on August 23rd.
We do what we can. What we can to embrace their memories, our memories.
I am sorry about your flooding. That's horrible.

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Hi again...: )

Thanks's good to know this "timeofyear" reminders are felt by more than must still be grieving for your dad..I know I am and its been a few months now..I am so thankful, more than words can say, that I heeded Gails' advice and didn't let past issues hinder me from forming a very good relationship with him in his final hindsight now I realize a lot of his problems with being a good husband and father were due to his generation, and his ethnicity..and his upbringing...

On the 30th of this month is one year since we lost my father in law to cancer, and on the 5th of October is 5 years since we lost my mother...I have noticed this past week a desire in my husband and myself to want to spend more time together...when I was little my mom and dad and I would spend a lot of Saturdays going to a smaller town not too far away, snooping through shops there, and stopping for dinner in one of the town husband and I have plans to do that this Saturday..I am looking forward to it, I just hope I don't break down...the memories I am sure will just overwhelm me..but it's something I very much want to do...wish me

Ahh the (#&*$ had an insurance person from the disaster fund come take a look..we will be allowed so much to replace the walls and flooring, but the actual concrete floor problem and how to solve the seepage is up to us...once the adjustor sends out the official replacement value papers to us we will have one year to get the work completed so now we have to decide what options we have for the concrete part of is annoying is after we bought our home, we would spend each summer on a specific project for it..remodeling or adding on, etc..I thought we were alllll done with large home renovations forever..: (..guess not..

I think I'm done venting for one day...: )...thanks again for your both take special care of yourselves...

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