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Hi everyone... ..I thought I should post something and introduce myself. I am 43, in Canada, and was a caregiver to my elderly mother for 3 years. She had a trach, was on oxygen, and had severe osteoporosis. She passed away this October. I found since then I have this need to help others either going through the caregiver experience, or dealing with loss. A person in this situation goes through so many emotional changes, it is a tiring yet rewarding undertaking...I know I would do it all over again.
And...with the upcoming holidays which can even be more stressful for a caregiver AND the person they care for I would like to hear from any of you who have any suggestions, concerns, or just if you would like to share some favorite memories pertaining to Christmas.

Happy Holidays..
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Hi is wonderful to have you in our community. Your love, spirit and openess to share with other caregivers is a blessing for all of us.

I'd like you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers during this holiday time. I pray that your healing continues day by day. while we still mourn our losses, when we still ourselves, we can sense or have some confirmation that our loved ones who have transitioned are with us. Take time to still yourself and nurture yourself ....

Richest blessings

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