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Hi to all.

I just wanted to report that last week I had two days where I could focus on my needs.

First, I had some "back to school" coupons to the local outlet mall, and I *need* new clothes. The old ones are totally threadbare and worn out and too big! (Everytime hubby goes on a diet, I lose weight!) So I bought a pair of dress jeans, two pair of business-appropriate slacks, a couple of blouses and some casual shorts. Oh! And some walking shoes that don't have red-dirt stains on them!

The next day I attended two events sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, to start getting back out and marketing my little computer programming business. I bought a table at an upcoming business expo, and the other was a luncheon for local technology professionals. It was good to get out.

Too bad my to-do list is so long. Gotta go.

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Hi Barb:

It is so good to hear that you are doing some good things for yourself. I think if we learn through our care-giving experiences to take time out for ourselves, when all is said and done, we become stronger as a result... And that helps us in all areas of our lives.

I could sure relate to the tattered clothes. It seems like all I do is laundry day after day and watch the buttons fall off!!! Nothing like a new outfit, is there?

You have been through so much truly and are such a great support to all of us here. You so deserve these small pleasures. Good luck with your computer programming biz and keep us posted about your mom, your hubby and how biz is...

Take Care, Glenda

PS: Maybe pass along your diet success secrets also ??? (lol)

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