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Does the natural progression of AD leads to difficulties with swallowing? Is there
a recommended treatment to make bed ulcers heal?

My uncle started to have such difficulties 2 weeks ago, leading to almost complete
inability to swallow even liquids given to him with a spoon. Now he is being fed
through a stomach pipe.

His condition seems to deteriorate rapidly since last week. Now he is completely
bed-ridden and began to suffer from a bed ulcer that doesn't seem to heal, his
eyes are open and he doesn't even mumble a little in response as he used to. His
knees contractures make stretching his legs almost impossible.

I would to like to hear from someone who met such a situation while caring for a relative.

Thanks in advance for your concern.
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Hello l-bahgat

I have sent Donna aka Dee Fee's email address to you in an email. Donna is an incredibly special woman who has just gone through much of this with her mom, who incidentally passed recently. If you tell her I suggested you write, I know she will offer as much feedback as she can.

Richest blessings
Dear l-bahgat

I am truly sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. I know you have been so concerned and caring for him...He is at home and at peace and it is a blessing and gift that you were able to care for him.

We are all here to support you. If you need any information where to source our grief and bereavement programs, please let me know.

I pray that you will heal and have the opportunity to live your own life more fully as time reveals itself to you.

Please keep us posted.. Richest Blessings.

Love & Light
God bless you for having cared for your Uncle when he needed you. I know he will continue to bless and comfort you now.
I know you feel the loss of your Uncle from his place in your life. His suffering is over now and he has gone to a wonderful place to wait for you. Now you can take up your life and I hope you will find every success and happiness.
Well if anyone is recently dealing bed sores. You need to build up the inside and treat the outside. You need to make sure that he or she is getting enough nutrition and protein. Protein is needed to build the body. On the outside your need to treat the sore with the proper wound dressings, and with good incontinence products to keep the skin away from urine. If able you need to have them move around. If unable to get up. An Alternating Pressure Mattress will automatically shift the body around enough while lying down.
Hello Marklaske800

Welcome to the boards and thank you for all your informative postings. However, you can see the date of the posts and the majority of the ones you have responded to are no longer current. At any rate newconmers certainly will benefit from your responses. Just wanted to make you aware of the time frames... take care


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