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Hi everyone...

I just had word about Gloria from don's home health aide on her ICQ...
I know many of you have been wondering what has happened to her as she hasn't been around for over a week...
Apparently she is in the hospital and should be home by Monday...they are doing tests...not sure what is wrong except she is very tired, has low blood and some stomach pain...
She says Don is doing quite well...

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Hi everyone it's me, I'm out on pass for the day. I still don't know what the problem is i'm now back up to 100 lbs had gotten down to 97 and my blood is back up to 10 it was 8.4 stil having chest pain though and awfully weak and tired. just wanted you all to know I haven't forgotten you
It is so good to hear from. I was so sorry to hear that you were ill and in hospital. I pray that you will find what is wrong and soon be completely healed. Also, I pray that God will guide and use your doctors to this end.
You are a very optimistic person ( a ray of sunshine) and I know this will work to your advantage.
We have missed you a lot. Get well and come back soon.

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