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My husband has had stage 4 prostate cancer for over a year it has spread to the spine.He was taking Zytiga but it stopped working.Now he has started chemo.The mood swings are driving me to tears.I can't do anything right and I'm always being criticized.The drs say its the chemo,if this is what the chemo does well,then I'm going to be miserable for whatever time he has left.I am alsat raising my grandboys,which thankfully they are old enough to help and they keep me from just walking out the door.They are 10&11(I've raised them since they were babies).Whomever else is going through chemo, how are you doe along with the mood swings?


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Hello Diane:


I am so sorry to hear that your DH is suffering from prostate cancer. It must be so difficult for you all! I am glad you have your dear grandboys to help you out during this time. 


My sister passed away from cancer several years ago. She had chemo also. I know she was very angry and it was difficult to the end. 


Please do not take the criticism personally! You are a God send to your DH whether he knows it or not. I think it is hard for many to accept the situation that they need another...


Take time for yourself whenever you can to breathe and calm yourself. I think the journey is not easy. We are here for you!


Hugs, Glenda

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Diane, first of all I am so sorry for what your husband is going through and the effects it has on the loved ones around him. I think you may need a good support group to enter since you are his primary caregiver and are also raising grandkids. My sympathy lies mostly with your husband if you can only imagine what he must be feeling mentally and physically. Please seek out a support group where you can go knowing others can relate. There must be some in your town. Best of luck to you all.

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