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Hey just to say I'm still here . .
wanting to hear that I'm not 'sick' . .
DH and I started another counselor which is a looooooooooongg drive . . .
who I guess knows what she is doing but keeps wondering why I'm tired . . .

Gee . . Dad in Law passed away, marriage struggles, both parents coming up on 80! ( both doing great! but mortality!)
Our computer crashed . .
fine now but eek I get nervous when I use it . .
don't want any more trauma . .

Just the travelling to a 2 hour marriage session is . . . yikes . . .

DH seems to say I'm 'ill' when I'm 'normal' . .

Mom bless her heart is driving! For me any family visit entails caretaking of some sort or facing their mortality . . .

Anyway, still here . . .

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Hi Seba:

Glad to hear from you Seba! I am sorry you're exhausted but stress can wear a person out. Try to get into your "jammies" early tonight and grab a cup of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is always comforting!

Two hours to counseling is a long drive. I applaud you for going and working on things. Meanwhile believe in yourself and keep the faith. Just know that we are here for you...

Hugs, Glenda

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