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It appears my stamina last roughly 20 days.... and my cheerful disposition


Since doing almost everything for hubby, to a position where is able to do certain things, though it mostly causes him pain afterwards, the situation at the moment is making him very frustrated, and making me too tired for words.


We've had take-out three nights this week simply because I'm too knackered to even think about still cooking when I get home from work.


I think I've reached that place where I'm just exhausted and hearing that hubby is bored doesn't sit well with me. He can do quite a few things... like play pc games and he plays most of the day.


I'll put it down to my compassion going to sleep... getting up in the morning for work, and watching him roll over and go back to sleep irritates me! I think I just seriously need a rest so that i can recover a bit of my good humour.


This will be for another two months, and they are looking sooo long from where I am.


Thanks for listening


May the best ye've ever seen, Be the warst ye'll ever see. May the moose ne'er lea' yer aumrie Wi' a tear-drap in his e'e. May ye aye keep hail an' hertie,Till ye're auld eneuch tae dee. May ye aye be jist as happy, As we wiss ye noo tae be.

May the best you've ever seen, Be the worst you'll ever see. May the mouse never leave your pantry With a tear-drop in his eye. May you always keep healthy and hearty Until you're old enough to die. May you always be just as happy As we wish you now to be.)

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Sorry your energy level has dropped.  One can run on momentum for only so long.  I hope you get some rest and "Aziza time" to recharge soon.


Peace and love,



P.S.  I'm thinking about adding your Scottish Blessing to the end of the holiday newsletter to our family.  I'm into genealogy and have several lines that go back to Scotland.

Hi Asiza:


Well, you know the mantra – breathe, breathe, breathe…


It is at times like this that you need to take a few minutes to recharge now and then. Then formulate a conversation with DH that informs him that he needs to quiet down a bit about being bored. I must agree that is aggravating when there is so much that could be done after all…


Take a moment and get that cup of hot chocolate and try to catch your breath. Enjoy the moment! Take those moments as often as you can. TG for your long weekend!


Hugs, Glenda

Hi Asiza (again):


I thought about modifying my post above but figured it might be easier to post again.


You know I imagine that when you read breathe, breathe, breathe, you might be like me and go “yada, yada, yada” (Scandinavian heritage - lol)… And I don’t mean to sound like a broken record…


Yesterday I was reminded by a friend that we need to have dreams of our own and that one should not be afraid to dream big…  You know, so often when demands on us are high, we forget our own hopes and dreams.


I was comforted by this and thought to share it with you… When you have that moment to fix a cup of hot chocolate or tea over the holiday weekend, take some time to recollect your hopes and dreams – and dream BIG!


Many Hugs and Merry Christmas, Glenda

{{{{{{Asiza}}}}}} oh do I understand... it's been almost 7 years since caregiving... I have been refreshing my energy with the laws of attraction finding it difficult to dream bigger dreams for myself and goals... I had been a caregiver for so long and for so many, I was always setting goals with and for them... and then my businesses.. it was all about everyone else and nothing for me... now that I have the time and energy I have to relearn how to even do it for me..but the truth is that no one can do it for me... so I am disciplining myself, writing and visualizing and dreaming on a regular basis...


and yes laughter, one of the greatest healers of all time... there is a laughter yoga with groups opening all over the world, including S. Africa... do a google search for laughter groups or organizations in S.A. and I am sure you will find one near you... take time to go and do this for yourself... you will love it and meet some incredibly wonderful people....


Remember, this too, shall pass..


Love & blessings




Oh how I know that tired feeling and irritated with him for being "bored".  I'd like the chance to be bored, wouldn't you?  i finally found that if i let some things go I felt better. I don't live in a showplace and everyone who comes over better realize that.  And I got someone to come in once every two weeks to clean the house.  It helps.  More than you would think to know that this weekend I don't have to clean house.  It's done. Adn it's not that expensive only twice a month.   And take out is fine.  Just when you ahve time to cook, cook more than normal and put in fridge for a day or two later for dinner or freeze it.  I've done that.  Helps.  Just hang in there.  God hasn't given up on you and your hubby.  You will get through.  Prayers and God Bless You!

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