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To All Members of the Empowering Caregivers Community and your loved ones...

It is a very strange time that we are living in... with the economy, an opportunity for change with a new president who is more aware of what caregiving is then most politicians, a time for reflection, a time for gratitude, a time for communications, forgiveness, healing and most of all love.

Happiness is a state of mind we can create from within. No one, absolutely no one, no thing is responsible for our personal happiness accept ourselves.

It is up to us to shine our light outwards towards others in hopes that our vibrations will offer the love and compassion that we have from deep within.. these are the best gifts we can give of ourselves..

And it is with this, that I wish each of you a truly happy holiday season... much love, healing and all you dare to dream for the coming year...

Richest blessings, love & light
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Hi Gail,

As I read things you write I am reminded of The Secret - a movie and book regarding the law of attraction. You must me familiar with it! I am very strong in my walk with our Saviour and also feel that He created this wonderful inner peace for our souls to reach any desire we think of. Thoughts really do become things so it is important to choose the good ones.

This board is wonderful and I appreciate your effort and time. Abundant blessings to you!

Hello Jeanne... Yes I am familiar with it.... we are all very wise.. we all know everything we need to know... we just need to remind each other when we lose sight of the bigger picture.. our thoughts are like addictions and sometimes we just don't see how they run our life.. if we could only hear ourselves more as the observer more than the one caught up in them...

I am happy you found us...


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