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Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday season filled with love, peace, gentle healings and all you can imagine.

No matter how grim, situations may be, try to take some time to sit in quietude and reflect on all the things you have that you can be in gratitude for.. For some, this may be an effort, but it is an opportunity to shift your energy and begin to open your heart center.

No matter what, no matter how appearances may seem to be, everyone is doing the best they can in any given moment, even if we cannot see it.. they may have strayed.. they may have stepped away from their path.... but no one but ourselves are responsible for how much love we give, how much love we receive, our health, the joy in our lives, the laughter... it is up to each of us, to make the choices that will help us to move into a different life experience in any given moment...

When we try to change things we cannot control whether they be people or situations, we get frustrated and caught up in a lower vibration... choosing love... loving thoughts puts us into a higher vibration whereby we attract more of its vibration in all areas of our lives...

Take time to sit and find the gratitude in your life... be still with your loved ones... allow yourself to feel the soulful connections and to be at peace during this holiday season....

Richest blessings
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Thank you for your warm wishes and a very happy holiday season to you and your family as well. I hope you are feeling well and have been able to heal. You mentioned a few months back about a trip you had planned, was it to Asia? Just wondering how that went, was it everything you had hoped for? I hope so.

Things are going well for me. I continue to work on healing myself both physically and emotionally. I've come to realize the only way to really improve on my health is to do it on my own and not depend on doctors. No one knows us better than ourselves.

My husband and I were blessed with two more grandchildren this year, both boys, so we now have three grandsons. Unfortunately, none of them live in the same state, but thank goodness for the Internet and digital cameras and You Tube! It will also be a good excuse for us to travel.

My mom will soon be 86 and we have been following her journey with Alzheimer's for over four years now. The only people she really recognizes are me and my sisters and our husbands and sometimes she doesn't recognize them (the husbands). The very odd thing is she is still very much aware of her "memory problem" as she calls it. She knows she is losing her mind and I find that the most difficult thing to cope with.

The blessing in all of this is I now have a very loving, kind, sweet, affectionate mother, something I never, ever had before. When we are together, on Sundays, I play music for her from years ago and she sings with such gusto and swings her arms as if she is conducting the orchestra! These are the memories that I will hold and keep with me of my mom.

Mom is still living at my sister Ruth's house, been a little over two years now. She lives on the second floor of my sister's home and has an aide, the same aide, with her for the day every day, so my sister does have some freedom and my mom is well taken care of.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone here a very happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season. You are truly all angels and your family is very blessed to have you.

Warmest wishes,

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