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Four more chemo treatments to go
not even halfway there yet
if only on the ground some snow
though hell only produces sweat.

My constant fear what if it doesn�t work
for it made it to the surface of her liver
and who knows where else cancer cells lurk
it�s a struggle against the current upriver.

While surgery is far from ended
cancer also made it to her colon
and four segments have to be appended
it�s like parts of her have been stolen.

Now she has two outer bags for waste
but hopefully her colon will be reattached
after the cancer God willing is erased
and be here after permanently dispatched.

But assuming chemo is successful
ovarian cancer has a high recurrence rate
I don�t see any end to being highly stressful
and most times the worse to anticipate.

I hope it is not asking for too much
to always want and need her by my side
so I can feel the peace of heaven�s touch
and always be a groom to my eternal bride.

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