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Hi all . . . so sorry if I sound negative in the following . . Mom has had knee surgery and is doing really well! in her recovery yet it's been such a long time since I've seen her without driving over to my parents place and dealing with family dynamics . .also have two oops 3! men! around me who seem to be in denial that this is the time to really be there for Mom . .
I've hesitated to come over as my father bought us a new computer as wonderful as that sounds it's not just a machine it's more hey Dad . . . I need a rest for a few days without dealing with machines and to really focus on Mom . . . how would you say this to such! a generous gift . . in the year thar Mom has been 'ill' so much as gone by the wayside and I feel 'forced' to clean up around the computer that works! to get the new one in and have neglected myself . .
plus it's snowballed into my marriage . . . which has been 'healing' for a while . . perhaps this belongs in how are you feeling but . . it landed here . . sigh . . thanks!

to I think 'Zone' . . . yes yes yes! one day does wonders!

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Hi Seba:

My goodness you do sound a bit burnt out... You need to make yourself a priority right now and take some time to care for yourself. But I know that you know that already...

When we get burnt out and stressed, it can affect our health negatively. You are such a sweet daughter and you know your mother doesn't want to see you run yourself down. I don't think your father or hubby would wish that either. Share your feelings with them in a gentle, loving fashion and perhaps they will step up to the plate and help out...

So, now, take care of you for awhile... Let hubby fix tv dinners or something tonight and put out some candles to make it more attractive! Looking forward to hearing how you are doing soon...

Love and Hugs from Glenda
Hey Glenda . . thanks for this . . yes I am burned out I don't know how you keep it up . . . thanks for the encouragement to keep myself a priority! Now huh . . . men and helping out . . . ack . . . that's the reason I'm burned out laugh! To say hey guys I really need a break just backfired on me . . . help to me is just as you described it . . . to say ok got it . . we'll hold off on buying new stuff right now light candles etc. . . men and fix its so I'll keep trying . . . keep saying what I need and bless your heart . . . for understanding!
I feel like as soon as I come up for air with the stuff that is within my control mr fix it comes in. . . plus we just found out that a dear friend has been dx'd with terminal brain cancer . . . given 4 months to live ( hate that oh gee here's the guillotine for you and you never know what the future will bring!) . . sigh .. . so yes yes yes I need to make myself a priority to be there for that . . . and life!
Dear Seba:

I am sorry to hear about your friend. That on top of things does not help. How is your mother doing with her new knee? BTW, I understand what you mean about men... Ack is right! Sometimes we need a break from them...

I know it isn't easy to take care of ourselves at times. However, I am breaking that program down into smaller steps this year for myself. Step #1 is to start out the day with a big glass of water and your daily vitamins... The second step is harder because it involves exercise (lol)! Hang in there doll...

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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