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Hello All...

I do hope that you and your loved ones had a peaceful and loving holiday season.. I wish you all a very Happy New Year with all you dare to dream...

I will be taking some time for myself in the next two months.. I will not be publishing a newsletter in February and as you can see I will not be posting regularly at the boards..

It is necessary for me to take this time to heal myself and to work at taking NOFEC into its next stage.

Articles will be continually added and at our next newsletter there will be a new spotlight.

I will slowly update the areas of the site that need it. We are slowly mergimg the Empowering Caregivers Site in the background.. this will be taking place over the next few months with a new logo..

I do miss not being more fully present: however, I trust you will understand ..

Richest blessings to all of you..

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