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Hi, folks.

I had my procedure this morning. All went well. My memory is pretty foggy about it. I'll be on liquids and very soft foods for a few days... and antibiotics and pain meds.

My hubby and brother have both been wonderful. My brother went to the NH all this week and read to Mom, which she loved. He helped me take her car to the mechanics for some brake work. He helped buy groceries and cooked one supper and has been totally self sufficient on breakfasts and lunches. Yesterday he helped me rearrange the furniture. He is so sympathetic about DH's limitations... who actually mowed the yard and helped me patch a section of pasture fence. I'm so blessed.

Side comment: I went to fill my pain meds a couple of days ago, and was asked for my SSN. Some new fed law about tracking who is getting certain pain meds and controlled substances. I trust my pharmacist, so I complied, but it gives one pause.

Well, I need to go lay down awhile.
Hugs to all you angels,
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So glad to hear everything went okay with the dentist. There's just something about having ones mouth worked over ... causes the whole body to hurt. I'm glad it went well.

I agree with you about being blessed. Your brother and husband sound like they are wonderful people. What a wonderful post to read "he helped" several times.

It's amazing how happy the heart feels when a family pulls together during challenging times.

Wow! Seems someone is really cracking down on the drug consumption in the country. I recall seeing "triplicate" prescriptions years ago. Doctors were scrutinized with their writing of barbituate medications but it looks like there's a new twist to the monitoring ... hence divulging the social security number. Must be some pretty powerful pain meds, Barb. Remember, don't you go operating any heavy machinery while under the influence. I just know you were thinking of hopping on that tractor.
Get well soon.


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Hi Barb:

Glad to hear that you made it through your dental appointment without having to worry about your mom. It is nice to have that behind you now... Hope you are feeling okay!

You know it is funny that when it has become so important to keep our personal information (esp. SS#) that they would start asking that information to track legitimate prescription information. I mean, what can one do when they are in pain?

I am wondering if anyone else has run into that? I had to go to the dentist this week also and he prescribed pills for pain and I wasn't asked for my SS#... Hmmmmm - gotta wonder - maybe my pills weren't on the "watch" list...

Anyhow, glad you have that behind you Barb. And I am also glad that you had your brother to help during this time... You take care now!

Love and (gentle) Hugs from Glenda
Thanks, Glenda and Gail for your posts.

I'm off the meds and able to chew carefully on one side now, but I still have to be careful. You all are so kind.

My MIL and FIL just left, they made the 3 hr drive to come see us after we turned down an invite to head that way. She's in her mid 70's and he's 84. They both have had their own heath issues, but are determined to remain independent. MIL asked me to take her shopping at the local farmer's mkt, and fixed a spectacular assortment of veggies for supper last nite. She really needed a shoulder and non-judgemental ear about some problems they're having. Thanks to my "training" at this site, I think I was able to help a little. She's had a very hard life. I've often said if I ever wrote a novel, the female protagonist would be based on her.

Well, our daily pm thundershowers are approaching, so I'll sign off.

Hugs to all,
Dear Barb,
I'm glad that you are feeling better. Dental surgery is not fun; I've had my share...

It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your in-laws. With all that you for your husband and working, it's nice to know that you have family that care. We need to feel cared for at times. I hope you continue to heal and grow stronger.
Warm regards,
Thanks, Mimi.

Well as I've said before, I'm very blessed with family support. I know so many folks here do not have that.

My MIL has definitely "been there done that" with caregiving, so she's sympathetic. Her mother died when she was little, and she was raised by the quintessential "evil" step mother (who, by today's standard, would be locked up for abuse). When the step mother was elderly and had a stroke, no one else would care for her - including her actual kids, so my MIL did it as a Christian act, and also because her father needed the help.

Did I say I could write a book about MIL?

FIL has some hard-headed ideas about being a business owner at 84, that's close to ruining them financially. She just mostly needed to vent and get some validation about how she's feeling.

DH has a dr's appt today. I'll post later, if anything of interest occurs there.

Thanks again for listening.

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