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Dad after three visits to neuro asked me what Parkinson's is and has been told several times he has PD. Last nite he asked me what it is, and says he doesn't have it.
Noticed his lite on in his room long into the nite and he was laying there with his pants and shirt on passed out - breathing seemed heavy. This a.m. - I asked him why he had the lite on (and, usually all I get is a YELL as I'm not allowed to ask questions) But I talked louder so he backed down. Said a possum got in his bedroom (doggie door) last night (a horrible storm was going on) and it got into the bath tub (now this man can barely use his hands to close the front door) and his meds cause hallucinations - and then he said the possum got into the bath tub, he was able to rope
it and pull it outside. I asked him where it was and he said it was outside the gate and he will not talk any further. I looked everywhere - I can't find it. Yet, I looked in the bathtub, and there is lots of mud with a shovel and it looks like he really did rope a possum. I hope he is this strong, and I can't figure out if this is a hallucination or not! GO FIGURE!! His dog that sleeps with him did not bark or anything and he barks at everything ---- GO FIGURE!!! At least I'm laughing at this one, and will keep my bedroom door closed -
NANC --- this sound like the coffemaker story. Don't know if he's had another stroke or what --- still waiting on stress test results. At least I'm laughing and not drowning in misery on this one! Every day it's a new event - the saga goes on!
Love & Prayers ....... Vickie
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Thanks! Best I can figure it really did happen (DUH!!!) or how in this world did all the mud get in the bathtub! Dad and his family has lots of Indian in them. Two years ago he didn't want to go to his brothers funeral (who had terminal cancer) and he wouldn't call or anything. How my dysfunctional families deal with life --- just don't deal with reality. Then, he said he stomped a snake that got into the garage, and fell flat on his back (stone concrete), and when I saw him he wasn't limping or in any pain!! Go Figure. If possum story is true, possum must be alive somewhere running around with a rope around its neck --- and it most probably will kill itself with the rope! (Funniest mess I've ever seen). Dad won't talk or communicate --- passed out again now in his chair for his 3 hour after he gets out of bed siesta - and offered to say we need to clean the mud out of the bathtub, and we need to get a plug for it. I took some pictures ---- may come in handy. He likes to look tough --- hope a bull doesn't get into the house. One bull is enough! God Bless Us All!!! Vickie


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Whoa, that's bonkers!

I could imagine a possum coming in, those things are devilish little things.

Once my Dad made waffles but they were terrible. He put them out in the garage (with a pet door for our cats) and around 2am we heard a terrible noise.

We went out and saw a possum had tried to eat the waffles too, but just spit them back out and ran off LOL! Dad didn't feel too good about his waffles after that lol

Does your pet door have a lock on it? We had one if we pushed a button the pets couldn't get out.

Sometimes it's nuts how stuff goes around the house. Great story though LOL!

Thanks Kat: No, my Dad is so controlling and expert on everything. He is from a generation that leaves everything unlocked even at night. There are lots of woody areas around although we live close to the ocean. Some folks here have found crocodiles and even some deer have come inside the house. Guess he'll have to learn this the hard way too! I just keep myself closed tight in the room I stay in when here, and hope no wierd creatures come for a visit! God Bless!!!! Vickie His head, his mind do not match what he thinks his body can do ---- sooner or later someone else will be seeing what I see, and that is how I'll probably get him the right help. Denies he has PD, or anything. So, fighting with the Dr.'s gets me nowhere. A hospital trip will probably bring it all out - social worker and all! Thanks again! Quite a possum fight he had!!!!! (hahahaha)
Hi Vickie,
What doesn't make sense is that his dog didn't make a sound, with all that was going on? If you think about how much time that must have taken, it just seems very strange that the dog wasn't barking his head off or trying to grab a piece of the possum.

I think you mentioned that your dad has had hallucinations. Maybe this was one of them and he actually went outside and that is where the mud came from...from him climbing into the tub to "rope the possum"????

When I was caring for my mom in my home, one night, I was getting her ready for bed and she was refusing to walk up the stairs and I asked "then how are you going to get to bed?" and she answered "I'm waiting for my lift" I asked what was that and she explained to me that it was in my living room ceiling and when she wanted it, all she had to do was call it and it came down and "lifted" her to the second floor. I was pretty speechless, but I finally asked her to call the lift and she did, but apparently it wasn't responding that night and she finally got up and walked up the stairs with me. Talk about strange...

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Hi Mimi: Exactly!!!! Yeah, I wondered why the little poodle wasn't barking either, and Dad can barely move his legs and arms -- -they are like frozen. He can barely open envelopes. It was a downpour of rain and wind, and wind gusts. I don't know. He has done some strange things. One of his meds does cause visual stuff --- he had auditory music (Real stuff - I researched) and he hear Amazing Grace, Star Spangled Banner, and other songs over and over - lost his hearing completely, ENT put tubes in his ears - hearing came back better than mine. But, he has got me on this one. He walks and is so very slow like a possum himself. I don't know. He was so strange last night in asking me what the diagnosis was on the Dr.'s report after being told 3 times he had PD. Then, he said he doesn't have any such thing as that! Well --- end of this possum story! See what tomorrow brings!!! At least I got some laughter today ---- I still laugh at it. He did get the mop, which he can barely hold (as the weight of it is too heavy) and cleaned out the bathtub with it.
GO FIGURE!!!!! Oh Well,enough ---- hope he doesn't want me to get him a lift ---- who knows what next. He did get up from his chair sleeping last week - stood in the middle of the floor --- hit his head with his hand - turned 3 or 4 circles, and then sat down - went right back off to sleep. I expect anything! Having worked in a nursing home, have seen lots of behavior with AD, PD and dementia --- but until it affects your situation --- I just took it in stride, now it's different! God Bless!!! Vickie
Hi Vickie:

I also can't believe the dog wouldn't bark if there was a possum in the room. However, with your environment, the story sounds plausible. We have had coyotes in the yard here and one dog (Cruiser) never barked or got upset whereas the other dog (Mo) would sit and bark at the coyotes like crazy. So, of course, anything is possible but not always likely...

Anyhow, that is quite the story! At least your Dad is talking to you about it. Meanwhile, keep your sense of humor Vickie...

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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Hi Glenda: You are right on target! Communication I didn't even ask for!!!! Took some pictures of the mud in the bath tub! Just in case I look like the nut!!! (haha) Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!!!

PS: Sure hope your little furry animal gets better in time. Scottie (Mom's dog) became a child - a lap dog to me after Mom passed. My hubby and I had a miniature Dachschund for 14 yrs. He was our only child. We got a motor home as we didn't want to leave "Bernie" home or trusted no one but Mom to watch him. He took the passenger seat, I had to sit in the back!! He was my Hurricane Hugo buddy as I had to leave my hubby back at the ER post to maintiain the 911 problems. We miss him, but the attachment was too much as it cramped our "going" --- we have him in a little urn now. He missed my Mom too when she passed --- she gave him to me, will never forget the little pint sized baby running down the hall to its new Mommy "ME"!!
You'll get better in time, but I don't doubt at all you have a "baby" that will stick with you a long time!!! Love & Prayers ...... Vickie

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