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It matter not love's return
for the one for whom I yearn
giving it bountiful beyond measure
being with her is all my treasure.

Each day I dream on melodies of things
to bubble to her like mountain springs
that being with her is my only true joy
and from that purpose there is no decoy.

I dream of her even in my sleep
my heart is hers forever to keep
blessed to serve her in wakened hours
to be at her side in sun or showers.

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Thanks Jane for your kind comments and wonderful suggestion. I look forward to reading it to Gloria very soon. Just can't express my love for her enough by any means possible.
Thank you and the others who have been such an encouragement and supportive along with your precious prayers. I only wish I could give back what has been given to me here. Perhaps many of these poems would never have been written and expressed if not for the heartfelt feedback I have received here. I do think of you all in my prayers.


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