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She knows a secret but she will not share
To understand her is simply to lovely care
She does not mean to keep it she just cannot let go
She tries and tries but its Alzheimer I am told
Each minuet each hour we are off on a trip
Bound for the treasures of the memory ship
Where we are going and how long we will stay
Only she knows and then it�s gone away
She can�t find her children they are lost here today
She was looking and looking until time got away
My home, my home. She must be going
She heads for the door all without knowing
That she will not be able to open that door
It turns and it turn but oh what a chore
Sometimes happy sometimes sad
Have you seen my mom or my dad?
Her money her hair her cloths her thoughts
Were has she left her good pair of socks
She awakes ever day to faces unknown
Her fear is accepted a direction is shown
It is her daughter today and to love is a must
She remembers the smile the kiss and the touch
What else can she do in Alzheimer�s she is stuck
Her feet hit the floor and she tries to walk
A pain in her hip and her words have stopped
You say that I broke my hip how can that be
Just yesterday I was playing can you find me
Did you find me just for a day?
Or has Alzheimer taken that all away

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