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It's really amazing to receive responses to the email that I sent out about our new forums and memberships.

So many of you still read the boards even if you don't participate that it amazes me.. but we heal from other's sharing their stories as well and this is truly a blessing.

One of the biggest responses has been from many of you asking about my work as an artist. I have been artistically creative all my life but never took myself seriously.. my work has always been in the area of service as indicated by Empowering Caregivers and NOFEC...

I came to San Miguel in hope of continuing my ceramics and using it as a base to travel to other countries for 4-6 months at a time where I would participate in artist in residence programs meeting international artists, traveling through the countries like Japan, Italy, Morocco,  I could go on and on... but the Crystal Illumination Art took flight and I am not only doing private installations and shows but I am putting together an interactive art project for the public to buy and install themselves.. It's quite amazing... thinking I was about to semi-retire and here I am working 24/7 LOL... The Universe truly had something bigger in store for me... much greater than I dared to imagine...

For those of you interested in seeing my art, please feel free to browse at:  and if you go to:

you will be able to view three different types of video... there are also photos that can be accessed from the main page in the lower right hand corner.

I hope you enjoy... this works is also an extension of caregiving but without the emotional involvement. It provides healing, relaxation and so much more for others who experience it.

richest blessings

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Hello Overwhelmed with Joy


Thank you.... I started ceramics after my mother's transition... I came to Mexico as I said but am now doing Crystal Illumination Art which can be seen at this site and soon another site titled Crystal Lumière will be launched as I have been designing upscale Crystal Prismatic Art Installation Kits... link to follow...


have a great day



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