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Alison .. . . sound's like you're in good tears re good people????

I had the 'same' experience re someone who just did something nice . . . just nice . .
and my yucky landlord just smiled at me and said good to see you so it's amazing when we're on overload what nice things can do to bring on those tears we need.

I can't pretend to know what you're going thru re your loss except to give you a hug . . .
over the net . .

and on to my bleeeeeeeeehhhhhhh


marriage counseling and my husband and I hit the 'cycle of violence' have a new marriage counselor who asked me why I am not leaving my husband . . . not sure if I'm angry at that ? or not . .
in the heat of the moment my husband said he would hurl me across the room if I acted out of line . . . I know he does not mean that but it's not ok . . . and I guess this counselor is worried . . . making sure we are ok . . .

granted we've only seen her once and as I type it I see where she is coming . .

If I were her I'd say the same . .

We need to have tools to talk to each other constructively instead of throw threats around, combine that with 4 ill parents . .
computers . . . travel time to a marriage counselor , accupuncture and trying to take care of myself as well . . . .

Goodness I needed that!


p.s. I'm OK physically mentally/ emotionally having a very hard time . . . and I am reaching out for help.
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Oh Seba... thank you so much for your words. I so appreciate, so many of my tears at the moment are good ones (there is such a long time that we don't dare let out too much).
For yourself please do not accept intimidation either verbally or physically.. no way to sort anything....
keep safe, keep loving and let the world expand for you.
x Alison.
Hi there . . . still here and thanks for saying not to accept anything intimidating verbally or physically that's the problem ..
and I'm 'guilty' of not expressing in such a positive manner either . . .

I'm worried about myself . .

Too much on my plate . .

And I'm glad you can vent in good way!

Recovering from accupuncture . .

Don't feel heard and I guess I'm asking for prayers please for husband and I to work out how to communicate positively?

Thanks guys! You know I just realized what I do for a 'living' has been seriously impeded by all these sessions and by counseling but I never asked here if anyone would want to invest in a hand 'woven' ( knitted ) scarf . .they are pieces of art . .
if so let me know on the boards in "feeling" with subject addressed art scarves and I'll try and look out . . . and I really hope this ok to ask! I've been so very frustrated about not getting the word out!

if not please!!!! let me know . . .

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