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Hello all... well I am back and as you can see I am responding to postings... the trip was shall we say a disaster.. the weather gorgeous even when mixed with rain, food awful, service awful... and I am not quite sure why this was my experience... also my thyroid went out of balance... I did have some wonderful, healing massages and fun time with my friend and new people I met... the service charges for internet usage was $50 a day...need I say more as to why I wasn't present here?

Even when I came home, having spoken with my mother a few times, there was a message from her social worker in the rehab saying she would be dismissed on the weekend.. I am not really sure whether or not my mom is ready for the discharge.. since I haven't seen her in ten days I am not sure if it is just emotionally or if it is physical as well.. they work her constantly monitoring in everything.. how she gets in and out of bed, dresses, cooks in a kitchen, bathes, to see when she is holding her breath, to make her aware.. etc etc...a very thorough program.. however, some of it can be overwhelming for her and until I see her, I won't know for sure..

So, I asked my mother to be mindful and tune into her needs for no one could do it as well as she could. I explained that she needed to know if her concerns were purely emotional, or if they were physical at this point as well. She said she understood so I will learn more in the next few days...

It's good to be back and to know that the boards can still function even if I am away... it's easier on me and less pressure this way... blessings to you all

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Gosh, sounds like the vacation from hell. So sorry. Isn't that Murphy's Law? Anything that could go wrong, will? I am glad you were able to at least get your massages, honestly, they are the best. The other positive was that you were doing something for yourself, other than all the other things you do everyday. I suppose that is a good way to look at it.

As for your mother, excuse my ignorance, I have been trying to follow your situation with your mom on the boards, there is a lot to read through. If you could just briefly(what stories on here are brief, I know) but was she living with you at some point, then went to a Rehab? What is her diagnosis? Prognosis? Sounds like a great Rehab...can't say my father was ever in one that was that good. They were quite frankly, HORRIBLE~
Very happy you are back, Bless you Angel.
Welcome home!

Sorry the vacation wasn't what it should have been. What a bummer. And now, back to the regular routine. ((hugs))

How is your mothers sense of rehab? And her feelings of it ending?

Don't wear yourself out now that you are back. I know there are upteen items waiting for your attention, so don't forget to take a breath, stretch, close your eyes for a minute, and find that safe place in your mind.

Good to have you back.
Oh Gail {{{{{{hugs to you}}}}}}

I believe the definition of vacation is to be free from duties, rest, pleasure and relaxation. That certainly wasn't. Missed you here though! Hope you have a better week, and yes, take your time responding. I hope it works out with you Mother.
Thank you all... for the past two days, I have been busily speaking with the rehab doctor, respiratory therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, alternative therapist, my mother, the oxygen company, etc. etc..

She will be coming home on Sunday... with the proper care for approximately a month and then she will need to hire help as she needs to and there will be a visiting nurse, a physical therapist to help her three to four times a week to work out ... after a month.. she will go to the rehab here in the city at least three times a week with an attitude that she isn't going to rehab but to the "gym" to work out with her favorite trainer.. it's a more uplifting concept and way for her to look at it..

All those who have been caring for her have stressed that my mother has difficulty in accepting that she will most likely need a walker, a commode to make it easier for her to get up from the toilet, a seat in the bathtub, grab bars.. sometimes my mother is into denial.. and yet since she has been this way a good part of her life, it may be a good coping mechanism for her. For me, it's another level in going down.. and so I am shedding some tears and having to adjust emotionally as different than any other caregiver.. I just understand it more.. it doesn't mean I can take it totally like a trooper.. but I am the first to say order it, if you don't need it, we'll put it outside on the terrace or in the walk in closet with a drape over it

My mother has explained to me that she has gotten and incredible education being there.. an incredible awareness of what happens when she breathes through her mouth and isn't conscious of it.. and why she must be conscious of her breathing at all times, even when standing over the stove and making oatmeal.. to conserve energy and oxygen.. so for this I am very grateful for.

Everyone I spoke to feels she can have a very good quality of life which is a blessing for both of us... and while they don't feel more rehab specifically with them would benefit her anymore than at present, they have reassured me that if she ever needs the hospital and rehab, if she falls under the qualifications they would always readmit her... plus she will resume with rehab here as I said above.. so I am grateful.. and we just finished speaking as I am writing this.. the doctors feel the best they can do for her is to have her on the oxygen 24/7 and to maintain her and her body will slow when it is her time through various stages... right now they feel she is in stage 3... but my mom will continue to work withe the chinese herbalist because she has been on them since Feb 13th and for the first time in five years, her salt level and swelling are regulated and under control.. and I can't even remember at this point, I believe she is off the lasix.. water pill.. her hands and feet don't get that blackish, purple because her circulation has increased and her tremble has decreased.. she's more relaxed and not quite as anxious... so this is all a gift.. and you know what? I am just so exhausted from it all.. I am not complaining.. my thryoid also went off while away on vacation.. and we are working to get it back into balance again, so I think my emotions and my energies will lift as it regulates once again... off to prepare my taxes for the accountant... take care everyone.... luv 2 u all


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