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I have just begun reading Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures THEY don't want you to know about." This book verifies a lot of things I have suspected for a long time. Has anyone else read it and what do you think? I have believed in herbal remedies for a long time, but don't have a lot of knowledge. Also, putting myself on these is one thing, but making those kinds of decisions for my mom, against the advice of her medical personnel, makes me a little nervous. How do others feel about this? Does anyone out there use herbal remedies and cures in place of drugs for their loved ones? If so, where do you receive the needed knowledge on how to use them and what to use?
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Hi Bridget:

I think it is wise to question things. There are a lot benefits to natural cures compared to prescription drugs. However, be careful when making decisions for an elderly person.

In our situation, dad has never taken prescriptions pretty much of his own accord. When I came to care for him, he took NO pills at all. Then, after cancer, mini-strokes and the hospice experience in which they sent him home with several prescriptions - blood pressure pills, diuretics, potassium and we quit them all after seeing negative side effects(together). Now he takes an aspirin a day for blood thinning. However, I still supplement his diet with garlic which is a natural blood thinner, vitamin E which is an anticoagulant (when I can get him to take a pill) and figure that is better than aspirin for him health-wise. Also, if he doesn't take his aspirin, it provides me with a bit of peace of mind.

I guess what I am saying here is that, if what Trudeau is recommending is truly natural and safe - such as garlic - then it would not hurt to supplement your mother's diet with that particular remedy. I would not, however, do anything drastic such as discontinuing her prescription pills and depend totally on the herbal cures. It could be dangerous in certain situations...

Then, after implementing whatever supplemental herbal cures you choose, keep a close eye on her checkups and see if there are any pleasant (or not) surprises. But, do not throw aside any prescription meds for the natural cures. That could be putting your mother in a dangerous situation or yourself in a bad position if something harmful happens as a result... Also, here is a site that has some scientific info as far as herbs and their benefits:

If you are really interested in herbal cures, check out the library. I have seen some good books on the subject and even under the gardening section there are books that discuss the benefit of herbs in our diets. Maybe take some time to grow some garlic or peppermint (which works well for digestive troubles) etc. These are fun and easy to grow. Also make sure you have an aloe plant in the house for first aid purposes (listen to me - I have killed mine off - lol) Those are my few thoughts just for the fun of it...

Hugs from Glenda
Hi, Bridget.

I've seen this book advertised in some magazines, but have never read it. Most natural remedies and supplements are well-documented, but just as with pills from the big corporate pharmaceutical companies, the benefits vs side-effects debates are on-going for many of them.

I found out the hard way about allergies and herbals... no echinacea for me! LOL!

The best you can do is educate yourself about each possibility from both camps, including interactions, also with changes in diet and exercise, weight fluctuations, etc. Document any changes you make and share them with the dr - preferably consult before hand. Also, just as you would with a small child, any time you introduce something new to the mix, do it one at a time and keep a close watch, as Glenda suggests. Some changes will be quick and obvious, others will be slow and subtle or non-existent.

Good for you for thinking for yourself and being open to non-traditional treatments in your mother's care. I wish you much luck.

Hello Bridget and all...

It's quite interesting about Trudeau.. but the truth is that this is just one source... why not go to other recognized resources and you will see a wealth of similar information.

Our grandparents in their native countries.. all the indigenous cultures still work with herbs and natural remedies... as a matter of fact most pharmnaceuticals mimic the herbs.. the major difference being that they are chemical and can work faster.. naturals remedies and herbs take longer to balance out the system.

I think the problem with herbs, supplements etc is that it is a multi billion dollar industry because people are doing better with them in many ways.. pharmaceuticals have a definite place and many times when modern medicine can't help someone who is terminal, the individual will turn desperately to alternative medicines but by then it is too late.

I think each have their value and place in our society. Sometimes we have to find that balance on our own... one example for myself was when I had asthma late in my life after hubby died.. chinese Herbalist who was also an MD made me promise that I take the inhalator when I could breathe because if I became short of breath the herbs couldn't help in the moment.. so he understood that working with the herbs could begin to balance and strengthen my system..,. but it took a few years until I not only didn't need any asthma meds or treatment but I didn't have asthma anymore..

I could go on about other positive stories of herbs etc. but just know that you need to continue your search...

keep us posted... take care


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