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Hello everyone, been awhile since I last posted. Last I wrote Dad had been placed in Hospice, and then taken out, and now he is back in the Nursing Home, with no quality of life whatsoever. Those decisions made by my mother and siblings.
As some may know my story, others may not, and like most of you, it is a lifelong story.
Last year was my year of growth, and empowerment. My siblings and mother have no idea how they almost destroyed me by taking away my father's rights as me being his power of atty/health. Through my journey of healing this past year, I have learned that this was a blessing in many ways, and that I now have my freedom back. I now allow myself to take care of ME first. No more sleepless nights waiting for that next phonecall. No more rushing out the door every hospital visit. No more battles with insurance, taxes, doctors appts, etc. The rushing to and from my parents home for mom, and nursing home for dad have now stopped. A true blessing in disguise.
This wasn't an easy transition, as being my parents caregiver was all I have ever known. I had no clue who I was outside of being the caregiver. I was a daughter, then a wife, then a mom, and still a caregiver. I have learned that no matter what, we as caregivers must take are of ourselves before we can care of others. Emotionally, as well as spiritually.
I miss this site so very much.
At first I thought that maybe I didn't have anything else to share with you all, but the reality is, no matter where our lives are now, I believe we will always be a caregiver. We have a unique bond, that embraces us with support.
I hope I can continue to inspire, and support you all through your journeys of caregiving, along with encourage those who are no longer caregiving due to loss, or change of circumstances.
You all are my inspiration.

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You have been healing Robin... it truly is a blessing for yourself and actually a role model for your children.. if they are ever in need of becoming caregivers as well. I know they were always there for their grandpa... but you are recreating how it can be with love...

It is good to see you posting here and there.. we miss you..

Hi Angel:

It is so good to hear from you and learn that you are doing well. I think you have so much to teach us all! Your dad, I think, is happy deep down for you. He knows how golden your heart is...

Do not be a stranger Robin... I think a lot of healing is done through our communications with each other. I know that sometimes, when I share the little bit that I know or have learned, I learn something new about healing myself. I, too, was predestined to be a care-giver... what more can I say?

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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