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Hello Again Everyone,
Boy, you're gonna regret that I ever found you guys because I'm going to pester you with questions. LOL
Reading through alot of the posts I find that at least 98 percent of them are by women. Is it something unusual for a man to care for a parent with dimentia? I myself could never think of NOT taking care of my mom. Could that possibly be why I might be running into trouble getting help from various offices?
I think it's WONDERFUL that all the ladies here care for their loved one and should get all the praise and honor they deserve!!!
I treasure the advise and support I'm getting here from those who have posted. I know I'm going to need you ladies more and more as time goes by. I hope I never get on your nerves with my posts.
I sure would like to see a few more posts from some men though. I think that would help me in some way as well....just to know that I'm not the only guys who's caring for a parent in the home.
So guys, if you're reading this you'd really give me a boost if you'd post.
Thank you again ladies. Since I've found this website I read it everyday and keep all of you in my prayers!!!
P.S. I had another question but forgot what it is. Expect another post. LOL
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Hello Tom

I know there are many more men out there and women as well who read the posts from the stats of the visitors who come to the site... many email me daily and I encourage them to post at the boards and attend chats... but they just keep on reading and doing what feels comfortable for them....

the most important point is that we are here and available to those who reach out for asistance and support and this is the blessing.

We'd never get tired of responding... have a great day.

Hi Tom!!I congratulate YOU on taking on the role of parent caretaking. My dad had Alzeimers-i (a female) took care of him at home and now my mom has dementia-and I take care of her at home. My husband helps out by cooking and walking her from car to house,etc. but he says he could never bathe her. The same goes for his parents- he says he'll leave the caretaking and batheing up to his sister. So, you,Sir, are quite a man!!! It's rare to see a male doing the caretaking, because they usually don't want to do it. God bless!
Morning Tom...

You just post to your heart's content...we won't get tired of

I think the fact that it appears more women are caregivers is...even if it is the wife's inlaws that are being taken in for care, the wife just ends up doing more of the actual cging...must be the "mother hen" thing...
When we were caring for my mom my husband was a large part of her caregiving...he was very good with with a lot of men though, the reason he doesn't post here, etc is because he has a hard time putting his feelings down in words...

Your mom is a lucky lady...
I know with my dad, who also has a dementia...I just am unsure if, when he does need more care, that I would be able to take him into my home and do it myself. A few of his health aides or rn's have told me they do not advise it, simply because he is very argumentative, bossy, etc. My husband doesn't think I could handle it either.
My biggest fear is if I put him in a nursing home when the time comes, will I be able to get over my guilt in doing so.
Tough decision I will have to make at some time...

Anyways, enough babbling...
Keep posting..
Oh...have you ever checked your local paper for out of work nurses, etc that have references, that want to work a few hrs a week helping out caregivers?
Just an idea...

Take care...
I'm refering to agencies who deal with the concerns of the elderly such as Detroit Area Agency on Aging, Eldercare, Neighborhood Services Organization (senior office). Places like those. I've called them along with others and have been either told there's nothing they can do or I don't get a call back. I can't figure out any other reason for the lack of assist.

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