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Hi to all.

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted, but thought you might find this interesting.

We've had some pretty intense weather here of late, so I haven't been to see Mom in about a week. We had beautiful skies today, but I held off visiting until I thought she would be getting up for supper. If I had gone at lunchtime, as usual, I would have arrived in time for all the hubbub.

Here's a link from our local news...

Someone found a suspicious package behind the nursing home and thought it was a bomb. It took the staff only 12 minutes to get everyone out the front door to the kids park across the street. A church a couple of blocks away took everyone in so they could eat lunch and relax until the police gave the all clear. It was part of a weather balloon.

When I arrived with apologies for not getting there in time to take Mom outside on a pretty day, she told me about the "fire drill." They had only just gotten everyone back in their rooms and settled in. The news media was there. One of the senior nurses clued me in.

On the way home, my cell rang. It was someone else from the staff calling all the family contacts to tell them what had happened (before the news story aired). I told her that Mom had commented about them stopping traffic on the way to the church. She said not just that, but folks were literally stepping out of their cars to help.

We had a happy ending. Then we saw the sad news about the shooting at the nursing home in North Carolina. So I'm especially thankful that my mother is well aside from a little sunburn, and living in a caring community.

As stated in the news story, it was fortunate that this happened on a Sunday. The town's school for kindergarten and first graders is right next door. The scene would have been much more hectic if it were a weekday.

Hope you are all well and getting some *nice* Spring weather.

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