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Holy ***$^^^&*!

Last thursday????? My husband was vomiting blood had to rush him to hospital er find someone to do so cuz I was recovering from acupuncuncture (sp?) watch my dear heart have an ng tube shoved down his throat while he was screaming in pain and yelled at the docs to TEST HIS BLOOD SUGAR! as he's diabetic with a medic alert bracelet for god's sake.

They wouldn't let me sit down and the thing that takes the cake in all this is that they had him on aspirin and all this could have been avoided! Final dx = aspirin caused ulcer.
Meanwhile our computer crashed don't know if it can be fixed . . . .

Just too much!

Was so afraid I'd lose him . . . . as he was in ICU at one point and had 2 or three transfusions . . . .

Plus people telling me what I should and should not do I wanted to hit somebody upside the head cuz I keep hearing oh you have a limit of stress or why are you so tired I don't know why acup. does 'that' to you . . = makes me tired . . gee . . .
my honey is in hospital I did all this in my own recovery somehow managed all the bills fed the bird ran back and forth to put on a strong face not to stress out my dear heart . . . .

I just don't understand why people can't say so how are you????????

And with our computer in shop I can't come back to this to see the answer.


I'm still here just completely knocked out . . . and have to eat before my doc appt!
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praying you both are doing better... unfortunately others don't know how to respond... we didn't learn how to do this in school so denial and avoidance shows up vs a how are you doing...

as for acupuncture.. fortunately, it relaxes you.. it's supposed to... so you need to rest right after a treatment.. unless there are emergencies that you must plow through.. you actually are doing more than you believe you are capable of.. it sounds pretty good to me in spite of all the challenges... please keep us posted... take care angel.

Thank you both . . computer is back and Gail . . thank you for understanding acupuncture I will do as you say as I had a tx last night . . .

Got that oh gee why are you 'like that' re acupuncture . but I have an amazing doc . ..

just amazing .. .

And amazing that in general people don't get that eastern medicine works wonders!

I'll come back and update . . . asap

Thank you both!

seba :}
Yikes! Got a call from the surgeon saying they will have to rescope my honey in a month . . he has an ulcer the size of a fingernail . . .

I have so many emotions right now it's not funny . . . I have to rest but does anyone know of a decent web site to research ulcers????

I'm just in shock that we have to go through surgery again .. . and that the surgeon / docs just don't have a decent bedside manner .. .

Like oh gee we have to rescope him see what we find now on my side it's yikes ! What are you going to find??????

Am I going to have to go through the overnight stay thing again?????

And what about me??????

How can I take care of myself?????

I'm feeling just immobilized right now . . .

Been through surgeries with my Dad, Mom, now my husband . . .

Just too much . . too much.

computer is back but will it work . . .

God I hope I'm making sense!

thanks for listening.


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