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hi, this is my first message here, and I am very unsure. I am in a stressfull situation with my step-dad having dementia, now in a nursing home, I am living with mother, my husband is divorcing me, so he says, and my 34 year old daughter had bladder cancer, was cured, now is facing a recurance. Oh ya, and my son is laying charges against the man who molested him when he was a boy!! I sure could use a lot of support right now. Thanks for listening. Kathy
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You do seem to have had everything happen, adding one problem on top of another for quite a while. I really am sorry. I pray that God will give you the strength to deal with them.
I hope you will visit the message boards often. Also, try the chats. There is a good one at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Thursdays.
With so many problems going on at once, I know it is hard to find good days among them but I am sure you will. Just take care of yourself for I believe they will continue to need you and you can't care for them unless you first care for yourself.
May God be there for each and everyone of you with just what you need.
Hi Kathy...
welcome...I am so pleased you finally made it to the boards... you certainly have your hands full..
in regard to your email...if there is no equity in the house and you won't stand to gain...can you let it go...Our circumstances and experiences teach us so much. Please don't panic...try to find some time for yourself to breathe in deeply and relax...still yourself and your breath and let go of all your worry, doubts and fears...give it over to God, the higher power and the Universe...ask for guidance and direction... You are so caught up emotionally and you don't really have the opportunity to heal one issue before having to deal with another... You are very wise and answers will come to you if you can still your mind and breathe freely to allow them to reveal themselves to you. I know you have it in you and can do it...Richest blessings angel...sending a lot of love your way.
Love & light
Hi Kathy....
You certainly have your hands full...and are probably wondering why things are piling one on top of the other...It could be a test of strength...and you will find you have a lot more than you may think right now..
My best wishes to you..and try to keep posting or take in a chat or two...You will also gain strength in sharing...
thanks for the replies to my message. It is heart warming to just know that so much support is out there. I don`t feel so alone now. It started snowing last night, and the world around me is lovely and white, so I went for a nice walk. So quiet and peaceful with the snowflakes falling all around me. It was very calming. I feel better now, can face another day. Kathy
Thanks for thinking the best of me. I just found out this morning, that my mom`s best friend has passed away. I had to phone mom and tell her. Mom is in the city visiting my step dad, and is VERY upset. I think this will be a catalyst to bring all her grief to the surface. This weekend could turn out to be really good in a way, the tears will flow. So once again I have to be the strong one. I do feel up for the challenge though. Just being able to see it that way does help. I love it when you call me angel. Thanks, Kathy
Hello Kathy

So sorry to hear that your mom's friend has passed... Truly happy to hear that you are in better spirits... Just be aware that your mom could slump into a depression rather than crying and expressing... it is just one more thing that has been removed out of their life...but lovingly you can help her to fill the void with gratitude and love for other things positive in her life.

Keep us posted..

Richest blessings

Love & light

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