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Two New Chats will being on Monday and Saturday Evenings from 9-10PM EST With Kenneth Carr And Alison

Beginning January 1st and January 2nd 2006

Kenneth (Ken) Carr aka pastcarr -is from Upstate New York. Caregiving can really be a lonesome 'job' but being able to get into the chat room takes that loneliness away from so many caregivers at the end of the day.

Kenneth Carr has had over 35 years in the Christian Ministry in the realm of counseling as well.I\Ten of those years have been as a full time minister and the rest as a bi-vocational pastor working at secular employment and pastoring with a church. Currently his counseling hs been limited to on line via instant messaging and e-mail as he currently is also a caregiver for his wife who has Alzheimer's and some Parkinson's disease. Prior to taking a leave of absence he worked at Madison/Cortland ARC, driving a bus transporting radically mentally challenged individuals to day care facilities. In hus 'spare time' over the last two years he has written and published a book entitled, "Preparing for My Departure".

"Preparing for My Departure" is in the form of a workbook that encourages individuals to make their funeral arrangements in advance, so that loved ones will know their desires at the time of his death; not being burdened with having to make decision at the time of their great grief. Also, discussed in the book are ethical questions with a description of what happens to the body during cremation and burial. There are over forty pages of forms to fill out covering many different areas that are necessary for a funeral. "Preparing for My Departure" is available ffor purhcase directly from Ken, from and publishers. To preview the book you can find the cover, index and pages at

Alison .- Alsion has had several years of experience working in nursing homes in a variety of situations. She cared for her grandfather who had been diagnosed with cancer for ten years Alison is a supportive listener and is gifted at providing comfort and strength to those in need.

We look forward to your participation in our chats...

Warmest wishes,

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