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You ask me, can I not find happiness.
You ask me, can I not be thankful.
You asked me to be the one, when you could not
Somehow did you think I was about to play?
A game of just sitting around, having fun all day?

This is a sacrifice to do what I do
A deed of love, how can this be news?
The job is call caregiver, I hold it well
I treasure the moments we have, trying not to dwell
On the past that I�ve lost and the happiness it held

I know you say you appreciate the work that I do
Yet how could you not understand the pain I go through
I face my mothers face every hour of every day
I see her pain, her fear, her heart ache, this does not go away
She sees mine, I am tired, I am lonely, and I have a hard time with the pace.

There are times I just can not hold it in.
I want to run to the hills and shout to the sky
I want to be free, but then I look into her eyes
I am lost to this job; I have no time to spend
I feel all alone, do you not understand why?

What choice do I have but to give and to give?
No one to help we all have a full plate
So face her disease with a curse and some hate
No more my mom or how she would live
She has suffered so much, so why this miserable state?

Where is her God to open his door?
She loved him so, I cry never more
You are my sibling yet, you do not know why
The reason for that is you have closed eyes.
You guard yourself well my sibling dear

You have nothing to loose, nothing but fear
Your heart is a gift, your love is assured
To know why, you do what you do, and give what you give
Is something you won�t fine living so close to the line.
My line is not tethered, my stories, my twine

By Melinda Horvath 12/13/2006
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