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I apologize if this is not appropriate. I just wanted my "lovers of animals" friends to know. Last night, my husband and I had to make a very difficult decision to have Herbie, our loving, sweet, almost 16 year old Bichon Frise euthanized. Everything happened so suddenly. Yesterday morning, he seemed to not be feeling well and by last night, he was in great distress. The Vet said, after working him up, that he had a stomach tumor that was leaking blood into his abdomen and he was critical. We had the choice of immediate surgery or to euthanize him. Neither my husband nor I could see putting him through major surgery, which would include exploratory to see if other organs had been invaded at his age along with dementia, loss of vision and hearing so we held him lovingly as he left this world.

This is the fourth dog we have had to put down and I have to say that it never gets easier. The only thing that helps somewhat is telling myself he is in a better place, without discomfort and free from all the old age problems.

I know we are very fortunate to have had him in our lives for almost 16 years.

Again, I hope it is okay that I posted this here and if not, then I apologize.


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Your loss Miriam is the same as for anybody who has lost someone precious and irreplaceable that they loved, whether animal or human. My heart goes out to you. Please allow yourself to grieve, be gentle and kind to yourself, and know that you gave your Herbie the best life any sentient being can have, for you treated Herbie not as a pet or a dog, but as a human member of your family. I know in spirit that Herbie will always be with you and when you someday in the far far future cross over Miriam, guess what is the first thing going to happen over there in those yonder green fields of heaven; You are going to hear Herbie barking and running to jump up into your loving arms. God Bless sweet angel. My heart is with you in your sorrow.

Dear Mimi:

I am sorry about little Herbie!!! I am sure you are in grief today. Our pets are so precious to us...

When I think back on my life experiences with death, two times come to mind. One was before my grandmother died, she told me that she was tired and wanted to die. That helped me to accept her death. The other experience was when my German Shepherd died after fourteen years together. I remember saying to him "You are such a good boy." and then he slipped away in my arms. It was just like he was waiting to hear those words... And, Mimi, I cried and cried all day long over him.

I think I remember Gail saying something like every loss accumulates and so whenever we lose one of our beloveds, the loss is even greater. So, Mimi, I am so sorry about your dear little Herbie. And I agree, it doesn't get any easier, does it? Hang in there and bless you...

Love and Hugs from Glenda
Thank you Barbara, Glenda and Barb,

I really appreciate your empathy and compassion.

It is so painful to go through this and every time, I think I can't do this again and yet I cannot imagine my life without my faithful companions.

My husband and I are not the only ones grieving...we have two other dogs and they seem to sense something is wrong. They've been very insecure today, so we spent quite a lot of time with them, just hugging and holding them. As with all losses, time will heal our pain. You know, it doesn't matter how long our furry companions are with us, it's just never enough.

As much as I want to believe there is a heaven, I also want to believe our pets go to Rainbow Bridge and if that is the case, then Herbie is there, making certain that everyone there loves him.

Thanks again,
Hi Miriam,

I am so sorry for the loss of Herbie. You have nothing to apologize for, Herbie is a part of your family, and i think it's great to see people who love their four-legged family members as much as their two-legged members.
Tony and i have two dogs, whom we love so much, and we had a dog together years ago, who we had to have put down, due to an illness, it about tore us up. I had never seen Tony cry before, but that little dog just ripped into him, and me.
I am an animal lover, and i wish all people loved, respected, and treated their pets, as you do, i think they would even be better to other people as well.
Herbie is lucky to have a family, as he did.
He's running over that Rainbow Bridge with alot of other beloved animals, those who had families on earth, and those who didn't.

God Bless Miriam,


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