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If anyone has any experience moving a handicapped person or one who is ill from state to state please post any advice available.
I am trying to move my husband from Texas to South Carolina. He uses oxygen 24 hours a day and is also wheelchair bound. Luckily he has an electric cart and we have a lift in the van. I don't know how I will stay within a diet plan for that distance. Since he had congestive heart failure, he cannot eat salt at all which means eating at the fastfood places on the road could do a lot of damage. He cannot have lunch meats or the bread off store shelves. I make biscuits and cornbread without salt.
Thank goodness most places on the road that have restrooms also have handicap facilities.
Needless to say we will be stopping often as he also has renal problems.
Must also decide what can go in moving van and what we must keep with us. I have no experience with this. We haven't moved in 20 years.
I have put so much on the street for the trash men to pick up that they think they need to hire new people. Ha! Ha!
I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer. I will be watching the boards to hear from you.
Sure do appreciate you all.
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Hi Nina...

I will probably post more as things come to mind...other than what we discussed in the chat in terms with checking on oxygen availability upon leaving and you can take one or two tanks with you and then ship them back or something...besides calling the oxygen companies on both ends, check with the Elderlocator for any services that may be available ..the number is: 1-800-677-1116

as for a huge cooler, maybe even two and lots of ice or else you can purchase fresh ice cubes daily as you need it along the way to kieep the foods fresh.You can pre freeze lots of items in zip lock bags that will not thaw too much on the ice...take things out and let them melt down as you need them... put your breads in, as much as you can so that you won't have trouble in restaurants...there are health food stores you can go to on the way... truck stops may be out of the question but small home cooked mom and pop type places where they are preparing things to order can be cooked according to your needs. You can stop at picnic grounds to rest and enjoy as well. Also check with the AAA for restaurants, handicapped bathroom facilities etc along the way.

If it is difficult to make lots of pit stops get one of those bottles Louis can urinate into so that you won't have to be rushing around to find an exit that has a facility that is handicapped will save a lot of time and aggravation and you can just dispose of the liquid whenever and where ever

I wil keep this in mind to offer more suggestions.Hope this helps for starters.

I am excited for the both of you.


adding more: do a search for long distance driving tips with disabled or handicapped.. check out some of the major disability sites...they have columns etc and ideas for long distance travel..

here are some links I came up with: ATO this site could probably help also with your questions on oxygen needs... you may have to email them through the contact link here are 2 links I found on worldwide oxygen availablity

The Oxygen Traveler, Lori Young, (937) 848-7100. Web: (Oxygen service worldwide).

TravelMed, (800) 878-3627. Web: (Oxygen service worldwide).

National Council on Disability. Latest report: "Enforcing the Civil Rights of Air Travelers with Disabilities," available in alternative formats. Phone (202) 272-2004 / TTY 272-2074 / Fax. 272-2022. Web:


and these should all keep you quite busy

Access-Able Travel Service. Extensive site with searchable databases, many disability travel links, travel tips, etc.

The Boulevard. Adaptive products, van rentals, accessible hotels worldwide, and many links.

Global Access. A wealth of access info and links to national and foreign sites.

Disability Travel and Recreation Resources

Disability Mall. Travel and tour resources including adaptive products.

MossRehab ResourceNet. Informative site with many useful links and travel tips.

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Hi Nina...

One thing after reading Gail's post about freezing some food items...7-11's have microwaves..if you do some meals up like TV Dinner Style and explain to the clerk at these stores..I am sure(unless they are mean people) that they would let you zap them up...
Are you able to fit a commode in your van...just to make the bathroom visits a bit easier?

If I think of any other ideas I will post again...I haven't been in this situation so have no experiences to back me up...

Take care...
Hope your move goes very smoothly and you love your new place..
Gail and Prairie Girl:
Thanks for the advice. Gail, I appreciate all the research and am following the links.
Our deadline has been moved up so looks like I am going to be speeding up the sorting and packing. We are now trying for June 15th.
Am trying to keep Hubby calmed down. And me! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Thanks again.

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