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My gosh . . . our marriage counselor has just told a 3rd party I need counseling ( I've been doing counseling all my life . . . and talking to acupuncturists and cranio sacral therapy ).

In my opinion we don't get along and she is now judging me because I don't agree with her . . . we hired her because we are in crisis and she didn't bother to tell me over the phone that she would not be available for a month . . told us that in our first session so now that I am calling her on that, as well as that my husband has to work on himself as well as me ( he only hsa to work on his weight but somehow I gloss over things and I do this or that ) . I have no problem looking at the things I bring to the table but this is not fair to say you need to do x y z and your husband has to work on his weight . . .
All arguments are a 2 way street . .

I'm worried, scared, angry, about my marriage . . . don't want to lose my marriage because someone thinks I need help when I've been doing so much already!

It's hard enough to get a guy to counseling let alone say honey I really don't like this person let's try so and so maybe I didn't give her a chance or maybe we can do a weekend intensive somewhere . . .
If anything I need less! counseling!

More enjoyment in life!

Lord I needed to vent . . .


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