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here I am again with another're wonderful for being there to listen and answer and not "guilt" me. I plan to go away next month for a few days,,,,,,,,,do I tell Mom? someone told me not to because sometimes they then get sick or say they're sick so you don't go. I'm afraid that she'll get panicky hearing that I won't be available for 5 days. her short-term memory is so bad but I'll bet she'll remember that I'm going away.and I never know whether to tell her exactly when I'll be back when I go visit her, like "in 2 days" or Friday or whatever...she doesn't like any of my answers and usually doesn't remember what I've said anyway but that's always the last thing she asks when I get ready to leave her. I can't be evasive, like "soon", that doesn't work at all. it's difficult for me to talk to her because she's not the same person that she was, doesn't respond like the same person and yet I'm still trying to have the same conversations that I used to have with her. anyway, thank you for any input you have...
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Hi Anne:

I am so happy that you are getting a break. Your mother will get through it and all... How comfortable is she with your replacement? If she is not too comfortable, have them come over frequently before you go. And don't tell her too far ahead of time. She will stress and worry, but if she is comfortable with her care, all will be okay.

Your mother is strong and amazing to be still here at 100. She will miss you, but if you do let her know you will be gone for a week before you go, she will survive. You will know when it is time to mention it. However, make sure she is somewhat spoiled during that time. I know that if someone gave my dad ice cream every time he was hungry, he would be happy without me at all(lol)!

You deserve this break and all will be well. Go and enjoy! Our elderly loved ones are fragile, but not so fragile as we think sometimes. Besides, there is a plan that is bigger than us all. Take care and have some fun - you do deserve it...

Love and Hugs from Glenda
Hello Anne,

glenda's advice.. especially about having your respite resource come over frequently so your mother becomes familiar with them.. even if they are family.. is very important... let us know how you are progressing... any big plans for your travel/

take care... keep us posted...


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