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One of the biggest problems I'm having with my Alzheimers mom right now is that I've caught her several times (at early or late hours) trying to leave the house. She always says that she "needs go go home"- and it's hard to reason with her. I've found that distraction is working pretty well- but I need suggestions on how I can prevent her from opening the door to begin with. I have an alarm on all doors and a baby monitor near by (with the other end in my bedroom). The problem is that it takes me a minute to wake up and realize what is happening. Plus lately I've been so tired that I'm afraid I just won't hear it! Has anyone had any experience with this?? Any suggestions you can offer? Thanks in advance!!
God Bless!
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Hello Michele,

Unfortunately while I have a basic understanding of sundowning or wandering, I am going to give you some links...the first has a section of links if you scroll down towards the middle of the page. You can also register her with your local alz org for a band that she can wear for identification in their program.

you can also go to the top alzheimer sites list at:

if you like you can cast a vote in favor of our site...but you will find many sites that deal with Alz...

also do a search for alzheimer's wandering and sundowning and you will find a great deal of info...sometimes the wandering comes fro agitation... some suggest soft music...there are many different aspectgs to it...

let us know how you make out.

Thanks for the information, ladies. There is a wealth of information on those links and I do appreciate those. Will be looking more at them later in the day. I also left a message yesterday for Mom's doctor to call me back- hoping that we can change her medication (Zoloft)- and see if that works to help her at night-- (it was supposed to, but doesnt seem to be working). I agree that new locks with keys will be a good idea. I'll make some calls about that today. Thanks for the suggestion. I think, (dependant upon insurance coverage) that I'm also going to look into Adult Daycare. Perhaps if she is busy during the day she'll be more tired at night??!! I can hope! I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for the support!
God Bless-
Hi michele...

I see I am a bit late in don't really have any info that can help you other than I know our large rehab center here that has a ward for alzheimer's patients has a very secure locking system, I assume so they cannot just wander out.
One of my uncles had alzheimers and I do remember my aunt mentioning to my mom that she had hired some sort of nurse to watch at night so she could get some sleep, and I am unsure what actually transpired but he still somehow managed to get out of the house, wandered away and fell in some treed area and got pretty badly scratched up.

I do hope some Gail's urls have given you some ideas...keep us posted..

take care...

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