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My mother passed away from this life to Heaven last Tuesday night the 12th. She had COPD and I had moved in with her the last 6 months after loosing my father, her husband, in December. It has been a long 6 months and she missed my dad very bad.

I have never witnessed anything like her passing. She was a hospice patient the last 4 weeks and we made her comfortable. We knew she was going downhill, as her kidneys would not act, so they had to put a catheter in. Then her breathing was short even sitting. Her walk was merely to the bathroom which became hardly bearable. Then her last fall from weakness, left her in the wheelchair. So we wheeled her into to living room each morning after being dressed to sit through out the day.

Her 2 sisters came in that weekend, thinking they were going to stay a week and visit. They knew she was weaker, but none of us really knew for sure it would be her last few days. She had experienced alot of sleepiness, confusions, and visions of the dead, however, and I thought it would be soon.

That Saturday her first sister arrived about noon and mom was so happy, she cried. The 2nd sister would be about 8 pm coming in, and it was all mom could do to sit and wait. After she got it, mom stayed up but she was so tired. She went to bed and we all sat at her bedside and visited. Sunday morning she said she was "sick" and didn't feel right. She started throwing up, and I noticed her urine bag had virtually no output, so I suspected kidney shutting down. She got real scared and said "call 911" something is not right. I called Hospice instead. We tried to keep her calm, but she suddenly turned white and said "my heart stopped". Which was likely, and she threw up more. Her pulse ox dropped down into the 80's. We put her to bed, the nurse came out to check out. Said it could be less than 2 weeks??? Keep her calm, comfortable. She would not get out of bed. First time in all her sickness of many years, she could not go into the living room. So we all sat at her bed and talked. She stayed so sick, said her ears roared, she felt dizzy, and she couldn't eat, nor do her breathing treatments. I called my brother, and all the grandkids came out to see her.

I set my alarm to get up with her for her breathing treatment and check her vitals. When I got up, she wouldn't respond. We tried to give her the treatment, but she had no air or strength to do. I laid back down till early morning so I could call hospice. But she stopped responding, she was comatose. Hospice said she may or may not wake up, the end is here, her body is shutting down. Could be days, or hours.

Even though she was asleep, we talked and sang and prayed. We all surrounded her, called all her friends and family close by. We thought she wouldn't wake up, when late that afternoon, she woke right up and started talking! It was so amazing. Mom had macular degeneration and had not been seeing for a few years, when she had her eyesight back! God gave it back so she could see us again. She could see, but her eyes were so fixed. Amazing! She said goodbye to all, she knew her body was shutting down, and she was scared some at first, but then talked about it and was ready. As the evening got later, she seemed frustrated that she was still here, and not in heaven. We read the Bible, we prayed, we sang to her, we laughed, cried, talked, and told stories. We laid beside her, sat beside her till the end. She went to asleep shortly after midnight and slept all day Tuesday till about 10:15 pm and then her vitals suddenly dropped and she quit breathing. I held her and kissed her and everyone else bid her farewell from this life till we meet her again.

It was the most beautiful thing to witness. I have a whole in my heart from loosing both parents within a short time. I know I have alot of healing to do, but knowing she isn't suffering, and is able to breathe, dance, sing, walk, makes it all better for me.

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom and your Dad so recently as well.

Your story sent CHILLS up and down my entire body. That is just so beautiful and wonderful that she had such an amazing gift at the end. Just thinking of it again gives me chills up and down my spine.

This is NOT the 1st time that I have read a story similiar to this one. My Father who passed away on 6/3/05 had an amazing story of passing as well - so I have been reading all kinds of stuff about "amazing" things that occur prior - during and after death.

I know in the beginning I took great comfort in the way my Father passed. Some how it just made it a "little easier". Although I am still a mess (7 weeks today) -I KNOW that I could NOT survive without what occurred when he died - and I take great comfort in that - and has made me a MUCH more spiritual person and has made me closer to God.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.



What a beautiful story of passing. I'm so sorry for your loss yet it is a story that most of us would like to tell when the time comes for each of us says "so long for now" to a loved one. My late MIL's last moments were much like your mom's. You are right. It is a most peaceful and beautiful thing to witness. The calm that fills the room. The sense of peace. And you were there with her. You will always carry that in your heart ... that you could be there and you did all that you could do to take care of her. I wish your beloved mother peace and I hope you will find the days ahead not so difficult as they have been.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story, Karen. Thank you.

Hello Karen:

Thank you for sharing. I have had such a fear in my heart with regards to "the end" and your story was so reassuring to read. I am sorry about the loss of your mother...

I hope during the weeks ahead, you receive a lot of love and support. Please keep us posted. Sharing your experience, helps to prepare those of us who have little experience with the "end of life" issues. You are an angel!

Take Care, Glenda

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