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It's been one month since my dad passed away...I still keep expecting it to be him when the phone rings and probably will for a very long time..I miss going over to visit at his senior's complex and having to hunt him down in one of the lounges...I miss his constant nagging for me to bring some donuts next time I visit..simply put...I miss him very much...
He was such an extraordinary man...he did have some problems being a husband and a father but I have long since forgiven him for that..for anyone having such issues with a parent I would advise them to work it out somehow..people change over time..and you may miss out on some wonderful times with someone who did give you life...
I had so many things planned to do with him this summer...I'm going to try to do most of them still, knowing he will be there beside me, in spirit..
Thank you dad...for being you...for treating the man i love, my husband, as one of your own..for always worrying about me and checking on me...I won't let you down...
We both miss you and love you very much...
Mary-Ann and Gary
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Those are beautiful words and a wonderful tribute to your father. It also speaks volumes about the obviously kind and wonderful daughter you were to your parents.

I guess what struck me the hardest was your statement about finding peace with the past and forgiving our parents and ourselves for hurtful words or deeds. It really is the best gift we can give to them and to ourselves.

Your words reminded me again just how lucky I am to have my parents with me, today. I know there will come a day in the not-to-distant future where I will be feeling the same loss as you do now. I'm sorry that you are feeling those pains right now. Thank you so much for sharing them. It helps to know that there are others who are feeling the same emotions.

You are an inspiration to those of us who are searching for answers and looking for strength. Thank you.

God bless you every day.


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