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Mom, this time last year you were here with me. I know you were not well. I know you were in so much pain and you were ready to 'go home'. But you held on.....thank you, thank you for one last Christmas with you.

I miss you so very much. I wish you could have been here yesterday with all of us. Clayton is getting so big, Hunter too. And he is just the cutest, chubbiest little guy.
Kennedy looks just like her mom.....she is such a beauty. And Cooper is the spitting image of his Dad. You never got to see him, as he was born 2 weeks after you left us. Macy is the sweetest little thing. And oh how I wish you could have seen Rylee. with her dark hair and dark eyes she reminds me of you. You would have sat and rocked her all day.

I found the Christmas ornament I was looking for. It's front and center on the tree.....
It says.....
I know you miss me, but I am spending Christmas with Jesus this year.

Mom, I do miss you.
Pleae tell Dad that I miss him too.
Love you......
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